The Migraine Piercing Cure - Read This

The Migraine Piercing Cure

The truth revealed about the daith piercing for migraine 

“Breaks the cycle of the migraines” 

“The consensus of opinion is that it has nothing to do with acupuncture or acupuncture points at all.” 

“This has enabled me to pattern the results and categorise type of migraines and which ones are cured.” 

My name is Richard Soper and I am the CEO of BMG Jewellery and owner of Real Piercing and tattoo studio. I have been piercing since 1997 and am still actively piercing in particular the Daith piercing which I want to tell you about today. Also I run the Facebook group “Daith Piercing for Migraine”

My father was Dr David Soper who achieved his PHD in acupuncture in 1973 and established his successful business here in Burgess Hill UK. I have been having acupuncture on a regular basis since birth.

Over the last year I have been sitting down with each and every customer wanting the diath piercing for migraine and filling in a spread sheet with the following information about them:

Name, address, telephone, email, age, when migraines started, any accidents at this point, medication, alternative medication inc acupuncture and botox, type of migraine, where and how they start and finish, type of pain, frequency, how long they last, work, lifestyle, triggers, when they started, what side if any they manifest on. Also I do a physical spine check at the top of the spine looking at and alignment and seeing if the shoulders are level (one often dips). This is all done with clothes on.

This has enabled me to pattern the results and categorise type of migraines and which ones are cured.  So far there have been some interesting patterns emerging.

The first pattern to emerge some 4/5 months ago was over 95% of migraines suffer with 1 or more vertebra (cervical or thoracic top) being out of place. I would say 90% of these people where un-aware of this and most of these have never had their spine looked at by a doctor or migraine specialist.

The second patters emerging now is that it appears that migraines which start at the back of the head and stay at predominantly at the back of the head have the worst cure rate from this piercing however that does not mean it will not work for them as we have also had success with these.

To answer the frequently asked question is there a placebo effect I can tell you that some of the people who have been cured from migraine at the back of the head, I have already warned them this will not work for you. I have been proved wrong on several occasions.

From my study which is growing fast I have not had anyone report that the piercing has made them worse, however on my Facebook group they do pop up from time to time where people say the migraines got much worse. I have asked for pictures of the piercing on a couple of occasions and noticed they are particularly deep and almost into the ear canal.

The 3rd pattern is for people with a lot wrong with them such as ME, MS, fibromialga, croans disease, being the most common the piecing seems to be less effective.

The result is immediate, several customers have actually had the piercing done during a migraine and as soon as the needle goes through the migraine goes often leaving the customer elated. A normal reaction for a customer that has not got a headache or migraine at the time of piercings is, well my ear hurts but I feel a sense of ease as if pressure has been taken away from the main pain zone. Incidentally this appears to be as effective for cluster headaches and headaches in general as well as migraines. 

The good news is that for 73 % of all migraine sufferers this will work. It cures in approximately 31% of migraine sufferers (complete cure) and is an effective in curing or reducing reducing migraines by two thirds in a further 60% of migraine sufferers. 

This I think (please comment if you know more than me) makes this piercing one of the most effective cures and relief for migraine.

So why does this work ????

Well I still don’t know but I am not a doctor or migraine specialist I am a researcher and interested party who does the piercing and monitors the results.

My theory so far.

I was intrigued by nearly everyone assuming this was an undiscovered acupuncture point. Being as my father was one of the first acupuncturists in Europe and achieved his PHD in acupuncture which leaves me with several family friends in this business.

The consensus of opinion is that it has nothing to do with acupuncture or acupuncture points at all. More to do with the swelling the piercings causes rather than an acupuncture point. Botox is often used to help migraine pain and is very effective, the problem with botox is that the it stops working after 6/8 weeks on average with treatments only being given every 3 months. I have recorded Injections in neck, temples ears and side of the head causing a swelling from the injections. This is expensive and involves toxin being injected on a regular basis. The migraine society say “if you can break the cycle of the migraines you can cure or greatly reduce the frequency of them”

So the piercing causes a localised swelling and with the foreign object left in this lasts for quite some time 3-4 months or longer, maybe this is long enough to break the cycle of the migraines ??

Further to my in-house survey of the people we have pierced here at Real Piercing studio. Burgess Hill. I have started an online survey launched from my Daith piercing for Migraine Facebook group Launched in mid Jan this is building rapidly and is proving to be ground breaking as the results speak for themselves. Targeted via Facebook at people who have had the piercing, simply a series of questions. If you have the piercing and had it for migraines you can do the survey here and please do.

To see the ground breaking and fascinating results of the live survey Click Here

So this piercing can no longer be ignored - the results speak for themselves. If you are a professional working in the field of Migraines Please Take Note as I am on your side. Professionals in this field cannot criticise or dismiss this any longer.

Meantime please check out my Facebook group and read the comments on this piercing from around the world. Warts and all.

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Written by

Richard Soper

CEO of BMG Jewellery (makers of fine precious metal body jewellery since 1998)

Owner of Real Piercing and Tattoo Studio Burgess Hill (opened in 2003)

Owner of Daith piercing for migraine facebook group (November 2015)

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