Prince Albert Ring - custom made

Prince Albert Ring - custom made

Male genital jewellery may not be a subject that everyone wants to talk about but it is something we specialise in here at BMG Jewellery in the UK. 



We make all sorts of wonderful PA rings and send them worldwide. Although our stock section is comprehensive giving you the opportunity to purchase a precious metal PA ring, most guys are into customisation. 

For example the video below shows a 00 gauge 16mm internal diameter Prince Albert screw in ball ring. Set with a ridge-back of 10 point ocean blue sapphires. The stones add to urethral stimulation. Just to add another dimension to this stunning piece. There is a hollow section inside filled with a few gold beads, these make it rattle and jolt. Made for a Canadian customer.


So on making the initial enquiry, we produce a set of images of the final piece. We can also do you a 3D print in resin to show the final size and shape of the finished piece. You will also have an accurate finished weight at this stage. See final video below.


This customer from Germany wanted weight, so to cut down on costs and make it heavy we made his ring hollow using a 1mm wall. This was then filled with silver to make the finished ring a whopping 69 grams of 9ct gold and silver








Below a 2 part screw together monster ring in 18ct rose gold. You can see here the initial construction and the final rendered image of the finished piece. 



This one was quite interesting as we made a dual purpose wedding/PA band. This fits on his finger and when the moment arises he can put it through his piercing. Together with a flat inside edge, engraving and screw in section for insertion. Using 18ct white gold. 










So as you can see all sorts of things are possible here, we are able to make pretty much whatever you are after using gemstones of your choice and the metal of choice. 


Normally we work with silver, 9ct yellow, rose or white gold. 14ct yellow, rose or white gold, 18ct yellow, rose or white gold. Platinum. We can, and do work with palladium but it is not suitable for this type of work. All the gold comply to the 2002 EEC nickle directive ie they are nickle free. 

For all enquires please email us here 

Or just go to the website male genital rings

Custom made PA rings 

Written by Managing Director Richard Soper








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