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It has been a busy fortnight here at BMG both in our top end body jewellery and at our bespoke Jewellery website. 

Sometimes in business we come to realise that you our customers and fans don't really know what we do and how we do it. If your on this website you will see a range of high end body jewellery made from high carat gold and platinum. We are all about tailoring this to you for the most comfy fit possible. The jewellery is designed with comfort in mind. Most of our work comes from custom made body jewellery and of course normal jewellery. 

We are a technology based jewellery company using CAD 3D and 3D printing as a tool to speed up the making process and cut down on overheads to make the finished piece as cost effective as possible for both ourselves and of course yourselves our customers or potential customers. 

We plan to take you on a fantastic journey using technology as our tool. Have a look at this video and relate what you are after to the process show.

richard2 from BMG Jewellery - Richard SoperrZd on Vimeo. 

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Always good to get your feedback - Richard Soper and the BMG Jewellery team