Intimate jewellery - the in's and out's

Intimate jewellery 

Welcome to another edition of our blog that focuses on jewellery, precious gemstones and everything in between, and today’s edition we really will be focussing on the “in-between”, quite specifically the area in between your legs - yes really.

Intimate jewellery is the topic for today and we hope you will dive on in with us!

So before you dive into this eye-opening edition from us here at BMG jewellery - consider this your first an only warning before we rip the pants off, on this quite intimate topic.

More than just a jeweller…

Here at BMG jewellers, we are proud of the headway we have made in the intimate jewellery market in the 20+ years we have been in business, we have made a whole host of designs ranging from our stock jewellery which can be found HERE.

The most exciting part of our intimate jewellery range?

The commissioned custom pieces that we get to create are great fun because they are totally unique to the customer (and the body part) we are creating it for, believe us when we say - we have seen it all! 

Platinum VCH (Vertical Clitoral Hood) Zipper with Diamonds

What is an intimate piercing?

An intimate piercing is a piercing within our intimate areas - such as - genitals and nipples /breasts, and the beauty of a piercing in these areas, they are discrete, playfun, fun and you get to choose who sees them! Unlike other piercings such as the ones on the face that are visible for the whole world to see.

Female Genital Jewellery


Why would you have an intimate piercing?

The benefits of an intimate piercing can’t really be counted, as for each person the reasons for why and the benefits we experience are as individual and unique as we are.

Before you make the choice to have a piercing in any of your intimate areas - especially the area “in-between” your legs, make sure you research your piercer before hand, it is perfectly acceptable for you to ask to see their portfolio, and ask questions about their piercing experience.

You wouldn’t buy a car without 1st checking through its history first - would you?

Your choice of body piercer could be the difference between a perfectly placed comfortable piercing and dare we say it - a botched job. 

Not a risk that we are willing to take - that is for sure.

What designs have we been working on? I hear you ask!

Well, that is a great question and it is great to see that we have captivated your attention and curiosity, but you will have to wait for that until next week!

In the meantime, you can check out some of the designs we have already commissioned on our “custom designs” page on our website  or by clicking HERE
Thanks for reading - if you have any queries after reading this - get in touch!

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