Getting The Needle!!!!

Getting The Needle !!!!
Cannula   V   Blade
Who will win this rivalry experience?


The contenders Tracy Perkins & Richard Soper

Tracy Perkins Age 53

Occupation: Body Piercing Teacher, Body Piercer, Migraine piercing researcher, Tools designer, Studio Management consultant and troubleshooter.

Experience: 20 years piercing, 14 years teaching , 3 years Migraine researcher.

Richard Soper Age 53

Occupation: Managing Director of BMG Jewellery, BMG Bespoke & The Real Piercing & Tattoo Studio. Body Piercer, Director, Jewellery Designer, Migraine piercing researcher.

Experience: 20 years piercing, 10 years teaching, 3 years Migraine researcher.


Both have the same piercing experience, age and 3 years of migraine piercing research. The thing with this is all piercers are either blade or cannula  and rarely change their technique. In recent years there is a fashion or preference starting to emerge to blade in the UK but can we get the cannula piercers to change ?? or even blade piercers to move to cannula as there are certain piercings and techniques clearly easier with cannula and sometimes the other way around too.

Watch this space as Tracy teaches Richard and Richard teaches Tracy.

The showdown starts today.



Two weeks on –


“I continue to work with Tracy as she will soon be joining the piercing team here at Real Tattoo and Piercing studio”


This has been a fascinating insight watching the talent of Tracy Perkins using the blade method and experimenting with my cannula piercing method.

Fist I want to congratulate Tracy Perkins on becoming a government funded migraine piercing researcher which happened just last week. As far as we know there are now 2 of us in the UK.

Tracy is highly skilled, those of you who watched the cannula v blade video where we both pierced a daith with a straight needle. (This is the migraine piercing which we both have great success with. ) You will notice the way in which she does this with natural ease. It looks simple but if you look on You Tube,  you will see struggling piercers using bent or curved needles for this. Some go into great length explaining how skilled they are at putting bends in a needle for this piercing – showing you their needle bending skills when perhaps they are totally unnecessary. All you need is skill and experience to do this easily with a straight blade. My cannula technique for this particular piercing is easier as the needle leaves a bendable cannula tube to insert the jewellery into the piercing easily.    

I do admit the blade is quicker for most piercings but is it more comfortable ? – next we need to do the same piercing on both sides of someone and try and gauge the pain factor.

I did my first blade piercing last week and found it rather straight forward, however having been piercing with cannula for 20 years I think this will remain my preference.

I continue to work with Tracy as she will soon be joining the piercing team here at Real Tattoo and Piercing studio making us into a studio with three piercers. Tracy will be working on Fridays and Saturdays from 8th September onwards so we can offer walk in piercing 6 days a week. Also she will mentor our excellent piercer Nicole Gilbert through the advance stages of piercing, giving her superb confidence with any and every piercing.

OK so with Tracy back in a couple of weeks watch out for her follow up blog on Cannula V Blade.


The battle continues.....




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