Gemstones Used By BMG Jewellery

Gemstones Used By BMG Jewellery
Making a name for High quality gemstones.
BMG Jewellery use well researched ethically sourced gemstones from some of the worlds most prestigious suppliers. With some stones we they often go that extra mile to source direct from the mine or local dealers themselves.
Demantoid garnets come from Green Dragon Mine  
Paraiba Tourmaline from Batalha, Mulung and Quontos mines traded through the Bangkok gem markets.
Padparadscha Sapphire from small northern Sri Lankan mines however the main district for the Lotus Flower coloured Sapphire is Ratnapura in the Morning market.

Gemstones Properties (Birthstones)


To increase spiritually, or give as a symbol of sincerity and peace of mind.

Colour: Purple
Birthstone: February (modern), Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius.
Anniversary: 4th and 6th year
Legend: Prevent intoxication, brings luck, protects against homesickness and magic.


To experience love, ease depression and grief.

Colour: Light blue
Birthstone: March (modern), October, Pisces (planetary), Scorpio (lucky charm).
Anniversary: 16th and 19th year
Legend: To wear will bring love and affection. Give as a symbol of beauty, honesty & loyalty.


Cats Eye
The fantastic phenomena of Gemstones. Directs fortune.

The colour ranges from honey-brown to an apple green with rich gold colours.
Almost, in origin supernatural. It has a distinct band of light across its face, which sweeps from side to side. When a bright light source is directed at the side of the stone it becomes mystical and almost hypnotic. When the stone is rotated, the colours switch.  Cat’s eyes are said to direct fortune.


The power stone. A symbol of consistency, perseverance and good health.

Colour: Red - sometimes Purple where stated.
Birthstone: January (modern), Capricorn, Aquarius, (luck charm). Scorpio (planetary).
Anniversary: 2nd & 6th year
Legend: Gives its wearer guidance in night travel, protects from nightmares, promotes long lasting love, prevents depression and hearing difficulties.


The sacred stone of India arouses passion and brings good fortune.

Colour: Translucent white with a mystical shimmering effect called adularescence.
Birthstone: February, June (modern, mystical), September (ayurvedic).
Legend: A highly prized gift for lovers, arouses tender passion, brings good fortune and balances Yin and Yang.


Symbol of health, devotion & success.

Colour: Red
Birthstone: July (modern, traditional, mystical and ayurvedic), Dec (ayurvedic), Capricorn (luck charm), Scorpio (planetary).
Anniversary: 15th, and 40th year
Legend: Wards off ill health and misfortune. Symbol of devotion, integrity and success. Reconciles lover’s quarrels.


Clear thinking, truth and protection.

Colour: Blue, white,  white pink, white yellow.
Birthstone: April white sapphire, April (mystical) August (ayurvedic), September (modern), Pisces, Taurus
(lucky charm), Virgo, Libra (planetary) and Sagittarius.
Anniversary: 5th and 45th year
Legend: Worn by Kings as a defence against harm. Commitment and loyalty of the heart.


Star Sapphire
Faith hope and destiny

The mystical phenomenon, which makes the Star Sapphire so alluring, is the star, which floats across the top of the stone. With movements the star just follows you around.  If you have never seen one of these rare stones, prepare to be fascinated at their beauty. Fine, needle-like inclusions are what give sapphires their velvety quality. The Singhalese believed the star sapphire would protect them against witchcraft. The three intersecting rays were thought to represent faith, hope and destiny


In Greek tradition Topaz is thought to give strength.

Colour: Blue, yellow, white,
Birthstone: November yellow (modern), blue is (ayurvedic), December blue (modern), Scorpio, Sagittarius (luck charm, planetary).
Anniversary: 4th and 19th year
Legend: For physical strength.


For peace with ones self.

Not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia’s which is manmade.

Colour: Green or Blue
Birthstone: October, December (traditional)
Legend: Provides the wearer with wisdom, honour and riches. Warns of danger if lacks lustre.

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