Gaganite the worlds newest gemstone from BMG Jewellery - Discovered in 2016

Gaganite the worlds newest gemstone from BMG Jewellery - Discovered in 2016


Once again BMG get the exclusive deal on these being one of the first ever retailers of this wonderful new discovery.

Gaganite – The stone is as yet un-named but as gemstones are generally named after the place of discovery or mining, followed by “nite” we thought for a bit of fun we will name it Gaga - nite (please note this is not an official name)

Facet Cut Gaganite obove
In the rough Gaganite above

The Worlds newest gemstone discovery is here at BMG Jewellery ready for you to purchase right now.

In early 2016 two Mozambique mines were discovered producing this sparkling garnet in the Cantandica region which is predominantly a coal mining region. The Tetre mine and Padagaga mine new gemstones have the same luscious colour. Tetre is in an politically unstable region.

The Padagaga mine is where we purchase our material being the top 10% of production making it the best stones coming from this mine.

The great thing about this mine is it is an artisan surface mine, mined by some 200 independent small scale independent locals and supported by the community. The mine is literally between 1 and 4 meters deep meaning the risks of mining are negligible making this an environmentally friendly gemstone. The community is now experiencing growth as the miners are fed by the occupants of local villages and each miner is an independent business man not working for either government or Corporations.

The stones are 100% un-treated meaning they are natural without the normal heat or radiation treatments used for most gemstones.

The stone itself is a stunning purple. The refraction index is 1.77 – 1.88 meaning it has a better sparkle than a high quality Sapphire.


I just wonder if we will get this ladies approval ? - !

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