Daith Piercing - An outsiders perspective into migraine treatment

Daith Piercing - An Outsiders Perspective into Migraine Treatment

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I'm sure most of you reading this are much like myself, scrolling through the bottomless treatment and advise lists that pop up on the abyss of information that is Google whenever you have and aliment, most of the time reserving your most logical thought for the worst case scenario. Unlike you however I do not suffer from migraines and never have done nor do I believe I have ever had one. My purpose in writing this is merely to report what I've seen in the eyes of the client, desperate to find a solution to what must feel like a never ending cycle and the gratitude that they show in the first 5 minutes after the procedure when they first feel the migraine start to dissipate, furthermore the positive feedback from our previous clients over the course of time.


When I started working for BMG to my ignorance I believed that migraines were nothing more then bad headaches, replying to everyone I know personally who suffered with the aliment to "Man up!" in the process. Little did I know the sheer scale of people afflicted with the disorder and how it affected their lives. See this was the first time I had heard of such a procedure and to be quite honest was very sceptical that it actually worked, however it being part of my job to promote Daith piercings through video promotions I had found myself in the position to be able to interact with the clients and find out more through their own personal experiences. (see video below for the procedure and reaction)

Shortly after speaking to a few clients I decided to verse myself in the facts and figures of migraines admittingly to make myself more efficient in my role marketing this subject however the more I read the more it peaked my interest in answering some basic questions, what are the causes of migraines, how can Daith piercing relieve migraines, what research is being conducted into Daith piercing for migraines?


What causes migraines?

As I mentioned the first step I took in this journey was to find out the main causes for migraines, as expected there were many contributing factors which would make you a more likely candidate to suffer from the disorder such as genetics, sex, age and hormone changes. However what I wasn’t expecting was the amount of external influences which could trigger a migraine attack and depending on your disposition you could be affected by a variety of stimulus ranging from your diet all the way to sexual activity which at first glance can be quite frightening as some sufferers might have to watch everything they do throughout their daily routine in order to actively avoid the end result. The truth of the matter is, like most complex neurological conditions we have barely scratched the surface in why we suffer from such afflictions, however in regards to Daith piercing for migraines there has been promising results in treatment through government funded research affiliated with such companies like BMG.


Government funded company in UK:



For more information/videos on Daith Piercing for Migraines page:



Link to migraine symptoms and causes below:




How do Daith piercings treat migraines?

Daith piercings basically combines a two treatment process rolled into one lovely package both acupuncture and stimulation of the Vegas nerve. If you're wondering what the Vegas nerve is it's basically a nerve that has control over a variety of the body's hormones one of which branches out……….. Yes you’ve guessed correctly by the ear and by stimulating this nerve with a Daith piercing it can have an effect on any process influenced by this nerve thus treating the migraine.



Is there legitimate research being conducted into Daith piercings or is it just a trend?

Understandably people sometimes question the legitimacy of Daith piercings as a form of treatment due to the fact it's such a new form of treatment for the ailment, as a whole Daith piercing has only been around since 1992 and even less time has passed before they linked Daith piercings and migraine relief, so there hasn’t been a lot of research conducted into the process. The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, US has credited Daith piercing as a "highly unconventional remedy." for migraine relief.  To put it bluntly the answer would be yes and yes to both of the questions, it may be a growing trend however its due to the positive feedback as a whole from patients undergoing the procedure that research is being undertaken to better understand how it works and the benefits that are being seen by countless sufferers today. One of the companies spearheading research in the UK is the very one I work for BMG and its SEO Richard Soper and as a prior sceptic and being unbiased and unversed towards the procedure I thought that opinion might better help you understand Daith piercings and the potential benefits it can hold.

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