Custom made piercing rings.

Custom made piercing rings.

We were approached by a new customer named Alison. She requested a custom made ring for her nipple piercing, made by using gems from her grandmother’s rings. It was handmade because she wanted to use 3 different metals. It was designed by head goldsmith Barnaby King and body piercer Richard Soper, so that it could be comfortable and practical to wear but simultaneously look the way she had in mind.


 It was designed to look vintage/ antique with a Victoriana theme to the design. This was achieved by using a black rhodium which was applied and then polished off leaving a blackening on the low points of the jewellery, giving the piece an aged look. It was made of 18 carat yellow, rose and white gold. And the stones used were emeralds and diamonds. Because of the nature of the design one end of the circular barbell is fixed and the other is internally threaded.

Alison was over whelmed when she came to pick it up and had it fitted and I’m sure that she’ll be back for more.



Ball closure rings and circular barbells are quite common items for us to custom make. We do this using precious metals such as platinum, white gold, yellow gold and even rose gold. Below is a platinum custom skull with diamonds set in the eyes. A range of custom made piercing rings can be seen on our website here.





For advice or any pricings on any of your designs please contact BMG jewellery direct.

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