Children's Ear Piercing

Children’s Ear Piercing

 It is an exciting time for your child to have their first piercing, it can be nerve-racking and sometimes scary to a young child to enter a clinical environment. We pierce children from the age of six years up.

Here at Real we specialize in providing you with outstanding service for your child’s first ear piercing.  Our three piercers are all professionally trained to high standards with years of experience.

Our customer care skills enable us to treat each child as an individual and tailor the piercing experience to each of their needs.

Our hygiene standards are taken very seriously, each piercer is trained in the risks of cross-contamination and how to prevent it. We use sterile disposable equipment for each ear piercing and always wash our hands and use a new pair of gloves for each child.

The positioning of each piercing is crucial and we take time to make sure we have got each earring as symmetrical as we can. We will always ask the parent and child to double check that they are one hundred percent happy with the dot placement on the ear lobes before we go ahead with the piercing.




Ear piercing has come a long way since the use of the ‘piercing gun’ here at Real. We use a sterile ‘push system’ called STUDEX to pierce ear lobes as well as freeze spray to numb the area. This technique causes considerably less trauma and pain to the traditional ‘piercing gun’ which is now boycotted by many professional piercers all over the world due to the lack of sterilization, accuracy on the position of the piercing and trauma it causes to the ear.  Below is a picture of the traditional 'piercing gun'. 

The STUDEX system we use enables us to use exact precision with each piercing and uses only the necessary amount of pressure to pierce your child's ears as it is done with our fingers rather than the gun. Pictured below is the STUDEX equipment we use. 


If you find your child has thicker ear lobes than the average person we can provide you with longer stemmed earrings to ensure the swelling of your ears does not become uncomfortable after you have had them pierced.

We have a variety of top quality earrings for your newly pierced ears using our STUDEX system, including surgical steel, titanium or 9ct Yellow or White Gold (pictured below.)

We always offer each child a lollipop to make the experience as enjoyable as possible and often send each child away with a ‘Super brave kid certificate' after they have been pierced. Our studio is recommended by many parents countywide and internationally.

To book your appointment or to talk to us about children’s ear piercing please call us on 01444 871369 Or soon you can book online.

The Real piercing studio 198, London Road, Burgess Hill. 





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