BMG Jewellery Expansion

BMG Jewellery & The Real Piercing & Tattoo Studio in Burgess Hill

BMG Jewellery together with its sister company The Real Piercing & Tattoo Studio in Burgess Hill have just expanded by taking on a new premises above their retail unit on the London Road in Burgess Hill.

Established in 1998 BMG Jewellery opened Real Jewellers in 2004 and have steadily grown ever since. Having taken on their 1st Jeweller in 2006 they now have a staff of 8 making it difficult to all be working at the same time in the small jewellery and piercing shop. In October last year they employed a tattoo artist and over Christmas added a second studio to accommodate the popular artist Simon Watkins. At the same time the studio was being put in the jewellery workshops where being build above the shop. The workshop accommodates 4 jewellers comfortably together with its administration centre for this busy on-line business.

BMG jewellery offer custom made jewellery for both local and online customers from all over the world, the new premises will allow them to use 3D technology for jewellery design and making. Your design can be output to a 3D printer for sizing and style, once the file is approved this can then be printed directly in gold, platinum or silver or cast as multiple pieces.

Jewellery repairs and hand making jewellery using customers old sentimental gold is still very popular, allowing them to wear the sentimental pieces in a new form. The on-line business specialises in making bespoke high end body jewellery, however the local trade is also very buoyant for custom making any type of jewellery. The 3D route makes this fast efficient and cost effective.



Written by Richard Soper CEO

BMG Jewellery

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