Diath Piercing For Migraine Cure

Diath Piercing For Migraine Cure

Real Piercing Studio in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, are undertaking some research into the claim that a Diath piercing can cure migraine.

Company Owner of Real & BMG Jewellery Richard Soper says. “We first realised that customers where coming to Real for this piercing to cure their migraines after media coverage had claimed that the piercing may help or stop the pain ” My Farther who passed away just a few weeks ago was one of the first European acupuncturists and qualified with the Nei Ching PHD as a Dr of acupuncture in May 1985” I was raised with acupuncture a normal part of life for me, if anyone in the family was ill my Father would just stick a few needles in us and most of the time we where cured” I know the benefits and have always had good results.

I understand how this works as the needle opens up blood vessels around the area that allows it to become wider, allowing for an increase in blood flow to the tissues in the immediate area. The piercing needs to be precise and not everyone can have the piercing done in the correct place to make the change.

Leading fertility acupuncturist and good friend of Mr Soper Yvonne Darnell has confirmed the link. So far there is no proof of this and it would be great to find out some facts and figures. I am asking anyone who has migraines and who is willing to have the piercing to support the research. The piercing could prove to be the cheapest and most effective cure. If you are not into basic piercing jewellery BMG are specialist in making pieces in platinum and gold using diamonds and some of the rarest gemstones in the world today, however many stones such as Aquamarine,  Amethyst and Emerald have legendary properties used in relation to easing symptoms of Migraine and headaches.

What I need to do is some factual research building up a picture over time. There are some big claims around at the moment saying some of the worst cases of migrate coupled with nausea and vomiting have been completely cured just from this one piercing. A study is needed and I encourage any worthy contributions from other professional piercing studios.  I have already started to monitor customers with weekly reports on what they are experiencing and have a record of the type of headaches and migraine together with  frequency, associated symptoms and current medication. So far results are remarkably promising but a longer period is needed with more case studies to give this any credibility.

Additional Options to enhance the procedure.

This piercing can be enhanced with real gemstones that are associated with healing migraine or headaches. These can be made in 14ct yellow gold, 14ct white gold or platinum. Platinum being the most inert and hypoallergenic of these 3 metals.

These can be made in advance and fitted at the piercing.  


This lovely water stone is a light to mid sky blue colour with a good refraction index meaning it has a good sparkle especially in natural sunlight. It is a well know throat chakra stone. It is said to carry soothing energies to help ease headaches and migraines and repels dark energies. The throat chakara gets blocked when you are experiencing difficulty communication the truth.




Related to the heart chakra this is a stone for caring and compassion, said to increase energies and help neutralize disturbed minds increasing concentration. In healing it is more related to the digestive system working with Migraines caused by food triggers.




The main gemstone for pain relief. Known as a cleansing stone, Amethyst can remove energetic debris from the nadis. These are the pathways or channels for energy to flow through the body in between the chakras. Prana is the vital energy flowing through them. Amethyst is a highly spiritual and protective gemstone that also provides emotional support. 

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To get this piercing and be part of the research group please contact me on 01444 871369 or email me direct

Written by Richard Soper

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Owner of BMG Jewellery & The Real Piercing Studio


  • I’ve suffered from migraine ‘s my life, i’m 46, this is the first time I’ve heard of this cure . I definitely want to know more about this cure and have no problem getting the piercing if in fact it truly works. Need to know more, thanks!!

  • I’ve suffered chronic migraines since childhood and got both a left and right piercing due to the placement of my migraines. I am about 10 weeks out from the piercings and I can tell some difference. The piercing wasn’t bad at all and I felt very little pain. I’m currently looking for jewelry to replace the basic piercing with and found your website. I live in Texas so I don’t think you would be very available but it’s nice to see that there are people out there who care about migraine sufferers. Best of luck to you.

    Jennifer McClarren

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