Fashion Belly Bars

Not just fashion belly bars there is a niche of makers hitting the high end of this market, however demand is high and production is slow. Google diamond belly bars and not much comes up. Google fashion belly bars for cheap steel and silver designs that have been around for years. 

BMG jewellery are one specialist in this market making one off designer pieces and a range of regular diamond and high end gemstone designs. 

On offer today are some exclusive catwalk stunners:

This is a one off inspired by the rarity and high fashion stones which are set off in the fashionable rose gold finish. This would be the star of the show at any catwalk.

In London, New York & Paris the most popular fashions stones of the moment are all peach and peachy pink. The demand this year has been so high that they are becoming so very hard to find.  These are in order Imperial Topaz, Morganite and by far the most sought after and most popular are the Padparadscha's. In Londons Hatton Garden Jewellery Quarter you will not find any stones left. As soon as a consignment arrives it has already sold ten times over. 

Padparadscha sapphires are as beautiful and exotic as their name.

The name refers to a colour and is derived from the Singhalese word for a salmon coloured lotus blossom. For purists the term should be restricted to stones from Sri Lanka but is now used as a general term for sapphires of this colour. These stones are the native Sri Lankan stones.

The water stone light Aquamarine 

The Aquamarine:

This is a light blue 90 point stone measuring 8mm x 6mm It is clean & crisp. A lovely high end Indian mined Aquamarine. The water stone. It is believed to be the treasure of Mermaids. It is said to protect all those that travel over, near or by water. It also helps overcome the fear of public speaking, a great choice for teachers and presenters.

The Diamonds:

Complimented by 12 perfectly matching conflict free, 6 point diamonds totalling 0.72 of a carat. These stones are white clean Vs1 clarity G colour stones. 


This piece oozes confidence and daring. The chains will undulate with your motion from the moveable bar which will sit relaxed on your skin. If you dance the belly dances with you.  

The Tanzanite:

This natural Violet Blue Tanzanite pear originates from Tanzania This has a great colour and is approx 0.70ct measuring 5mm x 7mm 

The Diamonds:

Complimented by 5 perfectly matching conflict free, 3 point diamonds hanging on an 18ct white gold chain to add a sparkle and feeling of confidence.


 Custom making belly bars is an art form ensuring the jewellery fits perfectly and works with the contours of the belly. Recently made below:


One of the worlds rarest stones. Electric blue Paraibia tourmaline and diamonds.

Written by Richard Soper