Getting it right and going about it in a romantic way she will appreciate.

Him: "Will you marry me?"

Her: "Yes" but thoughts of "I hope he has not bought me a ring already - this could be a disaster"

Perhaps the most common way of purchasing an engagement ring is to surf the net or pop into a mainstream jewellers. Quite often this is done with no consultation with the bride. Just like Prince Charles did when he walked into Garrads and spent £28,000 on an off the shelf standard sapphire and diamond ring for Diana.

These days it is becoming more frequent and much more meaningful to have the ring designed and made for you. This does not have to be expensive process, just be realistic and set yourself a budget. As a guide it used to be around 3 months salary but these days it is more like 1 months salary - in fact in the UK this BBC article states that the average spent on an engagement ring is just £1,329 ($2,200) 

Proposing Without a Ring

How about popping the question without a ring - If you get the right answer here is what you do. "I have made an appointment next week to discuss your engagement ring with a jeweller I know, as I want you to have something you really want - I don't want to purchase a ring from a shelf or brochure, I actually want to have this made for you, I want you to see and choose the diamonds and I want this to be forever"

Last week Chris did just that at BMG Jewellery Burgess Hill. Chris walked into our shop with a picture he had found on the internet, a picture his future bride had seen and liked. We set about making the ring and choosing the right diamonds for this Halo style cluster in white and rose gold.

The Process

First thing to do was look at the different ways diamond can be set and we decided on pave setting the outer stones and claw setting the centre 90 point diamond. So now it was time to get the bride involved. She came in with Chris and saw the sketches, the diamonds and the different shanks we can use, now now we are communicating with her directly to ensure the detail is exactly as she wants it. Making her dream engagement ring come true, ring picture below.

So many times a to-be bride can end up with a ring she does not really like, cringing every time she sees it. No thought put into it just a budget ring without emotion. I cant help smiling when I think of the time my partners daughter showed me the engagement ring given to her by her new Australian fiancée - It was yellow gold (she only wears white) it was 6 sizes too big and had a garnet (semi precious) as the main stone. It could not have been any worse. All she could say was "I don't know how to tell him I will never wear this ring, its horrid" - when I questioned him as to his thinking he just said "I paid nearly $350 dollars for that" It actually had a scrap value of £17 UK pounds.

As a jeweller and internet retailer we have made custom engagement and wedding rings for people all over he world. With the internet and email it is possible to make a ladies dreams come true without sitting down with your jeweller in person. This can be done using Skype and email in a very personal way. 

Written by Richard Soper

CEO BMG Jewellery