Tragus and helix studs

The tragus piercing has been popular for over ten years now and took over being the most popular piercing in 2000, this is based on the stats from the Real Piercing Studio UK. During 2002/3 the helix piercing knocked this off the top spot and continues to be more and more popular particularly with the age group 16/18 year old female.

What’s Happening in the World of Jewellery?

For the tragus the most popular and appropriate piece is a labret stud and the best kind of labret stud is internally threaded one. This means that it is basically a tube into which screws the head of the stud normally containing a gem of some sort. These can made from steel, titanium, ptfe or precious metal excluding silver. Although silver labrets are made do avoid them as silver can be toxic in piercings. The standard design is a metal post with a rounded back using either an internal or external thread.

The images below are made by BMG jewellery who custom make them to order. Picture:

Alexandrite colour changing gemstone, internally threaded pin made from 18ct yellow gold.

Peach coloured Padparadscha Sapphire 3mm head made from platinum.

Hand made stud showing internal thread.

Custom made rose thorn tragus pin made from 14ct white gold.


The helix piercing is good for wearing these labret studs once healed. This is a piercing that does often heal at an angle due to pressure from sleeping on it and wearing curved jewellery under pressure, however it is not recommended for initial piercing as it can cause a build up of moisture between the skin and flat plate which in turn will encourage bacteria to the localised area. Labrets are good for a straight helix piercing that has fully healed. 

Diamond internally threaded labrets are really nice to wear but be carful with claw set styles as the hair has a tendency to catch on the claws as does clothing being taken off over the head. 

Written by Richard Soper

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  • i have my tragus precied it was precied with the ring and i didnt like it so i went to a local tattoo place cause i wear gold and they made me a gold bar bell with a clear stone, they measured my tragus and made it special for me. So you might want to look around at other tattoo and piercing places. But i heard if you put a regular earing in it then the hole shrinks and you cant get anything back in it. ( like the barbell and the ring)


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