Nose rings piercing trends

Nose rings or nose cuffs are becoming more popular. Over the last 2/3 years the nose piercing has grown in popularity. As we all look for a way to display and feel individual, a slight rebellion and something to make us stand out in the crowd.

A simple round stud is a great piece of jewellery we can get away with at work or explain dismissingly to a parent, but things are changing. Ladies are beginning to realize this piercings is very sexy and very attractive. A whole new world is appearing, the world of the nose jewellery explosion. As the CEO of BMG jewellery I can tell you that we have seen some real changes.

Luxury Nose Studs

No longer do ladies want to be seen or caught out wearing a cheap bit of steel set with a fake stone. We are now actively seeking a new look, a discerning look that involves shopping and research. Searching for the ultimate look and a feeling of wearing something very special.

Last year I sourced some rare gemstones from Brazil, these tiny little gems almost glow. Neon blue Pariabia Tourmaline, the large stones are very expensive and sell mainly to gemstone Connoisseurs and collectors, these sold out in just a few days. Finding more was difficult but we now sell these on a regular basis retailing at over around $200 USA dollars each of these top quality stones. More recently I found some natural pink diamonds, another of the world’s rarest gemstones; these lasted just a few weeks.


Recent years have seen a change in nose piercing styles. In the past the normal place to put a nose stud is in the natural crease of the nose, setting the head of the stud in this visually prominent position. Now we want the piercing much lower to accommodate a small ring. This is a more daring look, a basic stud piercing is not so much of a statement now so things naturally move on. Rings however can be very basic, one design giving the wearer an option of just colour, they can also be tricky to put in, some have a tension set ball, others you just prise apart the ring push it through, then squeeze it back together.


My customers where asking if we could set diamonds and gemstones on a ring, but insertion becomes more difficult. The nose stud cuff or nose cuff answers all briefs and is so easy to insert.

Even easier than a standard nose stud as you actually have something to hold onto. They enable the jewellery to be decorated on the outside and are an instant hit for anyone looking for something different.

 This range of jewellery is the new in thing in nose decoration, they are daring and offer a brand new look that is sophisticated and attractive.


It moves away from the traditional body jewellery look bringing a whole new dimension to the market place. In turn it enables the wearer to really express themselves, show something different, a bold statement.

The 2 wire gives the look of a double piercing using just one hole. 


The 7 diamond cuff is a a statement of finesse.

The 2 wire diamond cuff is a great all one for mystic and a modern look, Has she got a double piercing - how is that working?  

These are made of gold, rose gold, platinum or white gold set with real diamonds or a gemstone of your choice.


Written by Richard Soper

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