A belly stud set with a real diamond is something special and surprisingly not seen that often. I find this strange, as I often see ladies with lovely diamond rings on their fingers, solid gold bracelets and diamond earrings then a $5 dollar piece of steel hanging in the belly button.

What a tragedy!!!

Handmade Belly Bars

Ladies, please! You can get hand-crafted diamonds in your navel or if your taste is for coloured gemstones have something made just for you. 

The problem is that most jewellers don't really have the equipment or understanding of body jewellery, most get a bit confused when talking shaft length and gauges. Another problem is people often just put together a nice looking belly bar with our even looking at where its going or if it will fit. So a mainstream jewellers may not be the right answer. 

These are belly bars made by my workshop here in Burgess Hill in the UK. The first is a fresh water pearl with a 10 point diamond inserted into the pearl. The second one is a cluster of diamonds 8 x 3 point stones and a 10 point in the centre. Both these work well for most navel types. The shaft are 1.6mm gauge with a choice of bar length. Just a couple of the many we make here at BMG Jewellery.




Real diamond don't have to be that expensive so - these sell between £350 and £600 UK pounds that's just $550/$950 USA dollars, much less than a good quality engagement ring

Custom making can be done either by email or visit. The most important part of custom making is a short study of the belly button that it is being made for. Is it deep, shallow, small or large. What is the angle of the piercing is the piercing small meaning the piece will need to be lighter. All these thinks need to be taken into consideration when making bespoke jewellery. You would not just make a ring and guess at the finished size, you measure the finger first.

Below are a couple of custom made pieces. The first left is a star set on a piece of amber with a cabochon star ruby in the middle. This had a five pointed star which darts around the face of the stone when caught in the light. The second right is a diamond encrusted heard shaped ruby made in platinum for a Barcelona client. 



Having the knowledge of both industries ensures a good finish to the piece, good fit and good vision for the onlookers eye. 

Here is a short video of how its done.

Written By Richard Soper

CEO BMG Jewellery