Making a diamond nose stud is easy for most makers. In general a company purchase findings in the form of earring blanks. These are ready made standard off the shelf pieces which are adapted into a piece of nose jewellery. At best some use castings. Castings are bulk purchases from casting houses and a person is employed to crimp in a low grade diamond often using 9ct gold or white gold. 

BMG jewellery have been making professionally designed nose studs since 1998. Having piercing experience and goldsmith experience we are in the unique position to put our knowledge of the nose piercing and how a nose stud fits into practice. 

Flat Nose Studs

Using one piece of metal ie no soldering is involved we have designed and developed this unique fitting head that sits into the piercing rather than on it. This means the nose jewellery looks flat in situ. It becomes just a part of the skin which is the preferred look that people want.

The diamond is flush set, this means that there are no claws to harbour bacteria or dirt and it does not attach itself to clothing when dressing. 

The design is made with a choice of tail shaped as every one of us is different. The size of the diamond or gemstone has plenty of choice including shaped stones and some of the rarest stones on the planet such as Alexandrite, Paribia Tourmaline, top quality Sapphires, Tsavorite, Tanzanite and Benotite. 

The shaft is made to the exact length and thickness required by the customer, each and every piece is hand-crafted at the BMG workshop in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. 



Watch the video for the full experience. 

These can be ordered and made within 3/4 working days most times of the year and dispatched to any worldwide destination. The details are kept on file so future orders can be all made to the same specification. 

BMG do not wholesale so this is a very personal experience unique to BMG and of course unique to you. For further details please contact direct or via the website.

Written by Richard Soper

CEO BMG Jewellery