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First discovered in The Ural Mountains of Russia and named after the heir to the throne Alexander II in 1830.  The original stones had a very distinctive and dramatic colour change. The stones are green to bluish green in daylight and red to purplish red in incandescent light. At the time this mirrored the colours of the Imperial Russian flag so caught the attention of the Russian public making this the stone of a collector. These stones are rare and production was slow. The mines now produces very few stones and are mostly un-mined making the original stones a valuable catch for any fine stone appreciator.


I found this original stone for sale on ebay for a staggering $45,000 USA dollars the stone is 1.32 ct and has the worst pictures I have ever seen. However at least they are offering free delivery and 5000 nectar points

    US $44,989.00
    Approximately £28,753.40
The stones these days are from Sri Lanka East Africa with the best modern stones coming from the Brazillian mines. The Sri Lankan stones are generally larger than the Russian stones but not good in colour. The African stones are mediocre. However the some of the Brazillian stones have been know to rival the Russian originals.
The stones on offer today by BMG jewellery have been prepared and cut to order directly from the mine of origin. It is a very rare thing in today's market to know the actual source and mine from where your stone comes. This is the area for the mine of origin Hematita - Minas Gerais and is a great source of up-to-date information of the Brazillian mines.    

Satellite of HematitaMap of Hematita
Interesting facts about the stone:
Cutting the stones:
The raw stones are generally cut into  what is called mixed cuts, these are stones with a brilliant cut on the top (the crown) then the pavillions are step cut into concentric rows of parallel facets. When cut the stone is rotated to see the best colour change through the crown when both colours can be seen evenly through the crown, this is the best way to cut leaving the crown facing up.
Birthstone: It is the birthstone for June and in legend is said to increase the abilities of inactivity, so much so that the wearer will have the ability to predict events.
Legends: Healing properties and illness:


Alexandrite is worn by some to boost confidence and self-esteem creating a balance of the spiritual state. In turn this is linked to happiness and success.


In Illness the stone is said to help with leukemia, spleen weakness and inner ear problems.

The stone to heighten imagination and solve problems.


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