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OK so there is a gap in the market here that we have just filled.

This is a new product which allows all nose stud piercers to wear a ring. The problem here is that most nose piercing are to high to wear a ring that is not huge. 

The nose jewellery market is the fastest growing of all piercings, the huge amount of people getting nose piercings is astounding. I would love to see some statistics on this. I know that in my own studio nose piercings have trebled within the last year.

The reason that nose rings are so boring is that the ring has to slide through the piercing meaning the ring cannot be decorated. The jewellery market until now has not found of a good way to get a ring into a nose that is not round, or has anything other than thin wire to thread through. 

Body Matters Gold Nose Cuff

I have seen some really poor attempts, some have tried using a locking mechanism like a sleeper earring, or just have something handing out of the nose. The best attempts so far are wires that have to be bent to get them in, so no warranty or guarantee on this then, as the user to mash it up trying to get it in.


What is so good and so different about the BMG Nose Cuff?


Well here is a list.


1) It is inserted like a stud with an L shaped tail trailing away from the point of the nose.

2) Its new and exciting, the decoration is on the outside of the ring allowing for all sorts of different styles and shapes.

3) It is unlikely you have seen anything like this on a nose so this is going to get noticed. 

4) If your nose piercing is too high for a ring you can now wear one that wont stick out and wont look stupid.

5) Its sophisticated and says you take pride in finding out what looks good and what's breaking new fashion boundaries.


These are all hand made individually for you. This means when you place the order, we then make it specifically for you from the details in your order. 

They are made in the BMG workshops here in the UK - some have diamonds and we can make them to your own design if you wish. Having perfected the original hand-made nose stud in 1999 making it flat against the nose as most people prefer. The nose cuff is much more versatile. 

Over the next few weeks as the popularity increases, the range will also increase. 

I hope you enjoy the cuff and still continue to enjoy nose studs to.


Written by Richard Soper CEO

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