Purple Sapphire


Not seen so much in the range of sapphire gems, The purple sapphire is blended hue red with mixtures of blue and violet making the colour purple. This purple stone is a lovely stone being much more vibrant than an amethyst. The colour is much more stable than an amethyst which is subject to change with heat and light.


The sapphire however is more violet under florescent or daylight but very purple under incandescent lights.


Mined in Sri Lanka, Kenya and Tanzania.




BMG Jewellery have recently acquired a calibrated amount of fine AAA stones for sale as nose studs – the 2.5mm stones are a good size for these and can compliment a tragus stud or labret stud.


In Legend these stones are said to attract joy and peace they are said to open the mind to intuition and beauty.


Know as the stone of wisdom.


BEING Linked with throat chakra they are said to add strength to the veins calming the body and eliminating the mind from fear and worry.


Purple rays are linked with dreams activating a spiritual power and giving you a high energy.