Red Spinel Nose Studs

Recognised as a a gem in 1587 and worn by the Kings and Queens of England – the 170 carat Red Spinell is in the Imperial State Crown part of the British Crown Jewels, it was in fact through to be a ruby for many years. Now owned by Queen Elizabeth this was even worn by Henry V on battle. 

                                                  Red Spinel - Rare Gemstone 

Spinel is treasured and is a favorite for collectors and gem dealers. The stunning rich reds and hot pinks are perhaps the most collectible. Mined in Burma are the most spectacular. As well as Burma Spinel is now mined in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Tadzhikistan.


One thing that prevents spinel from achieving greater recognition is its rarity. Good stones are rarer than rubiesSpinel is a durable gemstone that is perfect for use in jewellery.


It is a rare thing indeed to find it cut in calibrated sizes due to its rarity.

BMG now are pleased to announce a Limited supply of calibrated of 3mm fine cut stones of exceptional quality and colour.

Dont miss out on having one of these made for you as a nose stud or Labret stud suitable for lip and most ear piercings inc the tragus.


3mm Spinel used in nose studs and labret studs.