The spirituality of the gems in your body jewellery

We have more choice than every before when it comes to body jewellery in terms of colour, materials, style and embellishments. When it comes to belly bars the far and away favourite is the gemstone, but why is this? Is is simply the fact that a gemstone looks so good nestled against your stomach or is to do with the age old legend that we are drawn to certain stones, or crystals, due to their spirituality?

The stomach is also known as the mouth of the soul, so will the power of gemstones in this locale increase due to its positioning? Whichever side of the fence you are on there are some fascinating back stories to some of the gems that make a great belly bar into a spectacular one, and the following are those behind our favourite gemstones.





The opaque, milky coloured moonstone is one of the modern gemstones for those both in June and also the accepted gem for a 13th wedding anniversary. Being an opalescent stone it's colour can range from almost colourless through several different hues including blue, pink and green. The moonstone is said to bring good fortune, balance yin and yang, increase passion and protect women and children.




The official birthstone for September, the sapphire is also one of the stones of significance for those born under the star signs of Pisces, Virgo, Taurus and Sagittarius. Whilst blue is by far the most popular colour for a sapphire you can actually get them in almost any colour and the most valuable is the extremely rare pink/orange stone known as a Padparadscha. Inner peace and spiritual enlightenment are both said to come from the sapphire, and its healing properties extend to colic, mental illness and rheumatism.




The emerald is a busy stone, being the birthstone for May, one of the stones for the zodiac signs Cancer and Taurus, the planetary stone for the latter and Gemini's talismatic stone. A brittle stone and one of the few that comes in just one colour, albeit with different shades, the emerald was the favourite stone worn by Cleopatra as the legend behind it states that it will enhance contentment and love. It is also said to enhance clairvoyance as well as improve both intelligence and memory.




Tsavorite, or tsavolite, is  member of the garnet family and is a rich, dark green colour. Tsavorite is pretty rare due to the restrictions put on the mining of this precious stone with in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya, from where it also gets it name.




You think garnet you think a rich almost burgundy red, when in fact it has a wide ranging colour palette as it is such a large group and contains many subsidiaries such as tsavorite above.  The now official birthstone for January, Garnet is also the stone for the Zodiac sign of Aquarius and has several  legends regarding its spiritual properties. Garnet is believed to bring the wearer health, strength and protection as well as protecting their skin from any kind of inflammation. The heart and blood flow are also said to be improved by garnet as well as curing depression. Traditionally, garnets were exchanges to symbolise love and friendship and were given to travellers to ensure their safe return.





The unusual and exotic topaz is widely sought after in top end body jewellery, and it is easy to see why. From the vibrant orange flame to the virtually clear, topaz comes in a whole range of colours making there one for everyone. Yellow topaz is the birthstone for November while the blue variety is associated with December. Back in the middle ages wearing topaz was believed to protect you from mental and physical disorders and even death. The Greeks believed it gave strength, the Romans thought it improved eyesight and the Egyptians wore it to protect them from injuries in battle.




You will find tourmaline in colours ranging from clear right through to black and the most popular ones are those with a mixture of hues. The birthstone for October and for the Leo zodiac sign, the legend of tourmaline is that is comes in so many colours due to travelling along the rainbow. Used extensively by writers and artists as it is believed to increase creativity, the stone is also believed to strengthen both the mind and the spirit and in particularly the blood, the lymph nodes and the nervous system.




From the most delicate lilac to the richest purple, the amethyst is one of the most striking gemstones of them all, especially when used in body jewellery. The purple variety of quartz, amethyst is the birthstone for February and Pisces. This historic use of amethyst was to protect the wearer from addiction and in particular drunkenness. It's healing properties are said to include hearing disorders, headaches, insomnia and other aches and pains. Those who wear amethyst are said to enjoy a peaceful and calm life and be amiable and gentle souls who experience uplifting dreams and experiences, spiritual fulfilment and true happiness.

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