City trends in body jewellery

Body jewellery is no longer the doyen of the younger, 'in crowd' who choose to make a style statement through adorning their faces and other parts of their body with rings, bars et al. Sophisticated city types are now a fast growing market as women who have the money to treat themselves to the best are building themselves exquisite collections of top end body jewellery to suit every occasion.

Female Body Jewellery

With body jewellery becoming more accepted in all areas of society, women who work as office administrators, or bank clerks, for example, are finally able to express themselves through more than their earrings. Neat nose studs, tragus and upper ear piercings are particularly popular as they are neat, classy and don't draw attention for the wrong reasons. With beautiful gems set into gold, silver and platinum there is the most amazing choice in quality body jewellery for those who are embracing this style trend.

Business is booming for those beauty salons who have incorporated body piercing into their repertoire. The city girl who makes the decision to add a piercing wants the whole experience; from the luxurious surroundings to the fact they know that piece of jewellery being put in place is a genuine precious metal and not some cheap imitation. Some opt for one piercing first to see how they look and feel while others jump right in there and have several done together.

A small nose stud can add that little bit extra something to an outfit. When the light catches a real gemstone is looks very pretty indeed, and with top quality body jewellery you are getting the real thing. There is such a vast and varied choice of nose studs available today that you can have a colour for every outfit and every occasion. There are the classics of course; ruby, sapphire, diamond but there are some incredible new ones around that we had never heard of until recently.

Tsavorite Nose Studs

Tsavorite, for example, is a brilliant green gemstone that outshines an emerald, yellow and pink diamonds, orange sapphires, tanzite, kunzite, they all look spectacular nestling against your nose. When your piercing has healed and you go to shop for a new nose stud heed this advice; sizing is all important. A stud that is too long will either hang away from the nose instead of sitting snugly or the tail will be visible within the nostril, both definite no no's.

Your salon will advise you on the sizing of your nose stud which you will then be able to use when your order from one of the websites with offer designer body jewellery. Once you know the size you need,  and have got the hang of changing them easily, the world is your oyster so to speak. Small gems for day time, larger ones for a night out or special occasion, your choice of body jewellery is limited only by your own imagination.

Tragus Piercings UK

Tragus piercings can be a bit more painful than a nose but the effect is worthwhile. Your tragus is that pointy bit of cartilage that sits in front of your ear canal. Yes, the bit that wobbles when you touch it. The latest trend is to have matching pieces in your tragus and upper ear, and omitting ordinary earrings entirely. Leave the tragus and upper ear rings to the street class, a quality stud in each with matching gemstone is very much the way to go.

The studs most recommended for a tragus are those with a flat back, akin to a tongue stud. This sits against the back of your tragus and keeps your stud firmly in place while the traditional stud is more suitable for the upper ear. It very much depends on the style you get as to how much metal is actually showing. For example, a larger gem will only have the claws visible which hold it in place, whereas a small gem may well nestle into the metal so there is more on show.

A beautiful gemstone set into rose gold will look simply stunning for an occasion such as a wedding or other formal affair, and the fact they look so attractive will be the conversation starter, not the fact that you have piercings where you didn't have previously.  Or you could go with one of the new and very much in vogue gemstones we mentioned earlier, such as the tsavorite. A gemstone that matches your main colour theme, or ties in with your accessories looks very classy and stylish, and speaks volumes about the effort you have put in to bring the whole look together.

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