Real customer appreciation in Burgess Hill

Brenda had been buying on average 1 new nose stud every month. Her collection of BMG handmade pieces is staggering. A few weeks ago I though enough is enough. Its about time I showed some of our great customers how much we appreciate them. I emailed Brenda and invited her to spend the day at the Real shop.

Brenda has multiple sclerosis, but she also has a great attitude to both her disabilities and life itself. When I picked Brenda and her sister up from the railway station they both where stunning with big smiles, straight away I knew this was going to be a great day. Having developed a trust with Brenda and a relationship already we where all at ease with each other.


Barnaby King (Head Goldsmith) & Geoff Smith (Goldsmith & Setter) have been responsible for making Brenda's jewellery over the years. Barnaby and myself discussed the shape of Brenda's nose and worked out what will suit.

It is so nice to see and meet our customers, get a feel for what they like and see how the jewellery is working for them. Barnaby picked out a nice 15 point marquis diamond from stock. Brenda has a defined line forming a crease on the side of her nose, this makes a perfect base for a long nose stud.

The shape also means that the stud can be deeper than normal (this being specific to Brenda's nose shape) Barnaby set to making the stud while Brenda Sonia and myself had a bite to eat in the Bull at Ditchling.

Custom Made Nose Jewellery

A day out for a valued customer and her sister.[/caption] One happy customer. It is so nice to meet such wholesome lovely people such as Brenda & Sonia. We will certainly be appreciating our customers in this way again soon. Picture Richard Soper CEO, Brenda & Barnaby (Head Goldsmith)

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