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Here at BMG Jewellery we specialise in making the perfect diamond nose studs. All of the nose studs are handmade to your specifications by our talented in-house goldsmith. Expertly designed to sit flat to your nose, unlike any other nose stud in the world! Pure elegance! Each and every stud is hand-crafted to order – using either 14ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, Palladium or Platinum – All nickel-free. Diamonds Sizes All Diamonds and Gemstones used are top quality and skilfully set into the precious metals. BMG are so proud of the quality and workmanship of our jewellery that it comes with a 3 year guarantee. Choose your Metal, Diamond Size, Shaft Length, Shaft Gauge (Thickness) and Tail Shape to ensure the perfect fit. Nose Stud Sizes Firstly there’s the Tiny Diamond Nose Stud (1.4mm) – Best for people who like a tiny little sparkle. Popular with professional workers, such as teachers and doctors, that like something discreet. A timeless subtle choice! Then there’s the Small Diamond (2mm) – Best Seller! A classy everyday choice - with more sparkle than the Tiny Diamond. Chic & sophisticated! There’s the Medium Diamond (2.6mm) – Want something with a bit more oomph? The Medium Diamond. A true classic! And finally there’s the Large Diamond (3.1mm) – The statement style piece! Want to leave your fashion mark everywhere you go? If so, this is for you. Get that extra bling, whilst still staying tasteful. 3pt Diamond Nose Stud No more ugly nose studs sitting prominently away from your nose, or unsightly tails hanging out of your nostril! We've even put together a Nose Stud Report and a Measuring Guide to help you find YOUR perfect fit! The unique setting (created by BMG Jewellery) allows the diamond/gem to sit flat in the piercing, rather than on top of it like ordinary nose studs. Elegance. Class. Beauty. Get the perfect look this Autumn! PLUS - Don’t forget the Gemstones, Coloured Diamonds and Shaped Nose Studs!

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  • My first nose stud was a tiny diamond and it was lovely but the second 6pt diamond that I bought from BMG is a beauty!! I absolutely luv it and wear it all of the time!!

    Tracy Kobryn

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