Alternative wedding rings Made a few years ago by Norman Williams at Real jewellers Burgess Hill A friend of mine asked if I could make some wedding bands for him and his bride depicting a special place near their home. The nine maidens are a stone row near Wadebridge in Cornwall. Together with our team at Real Jewellers we set to work to get this done. The Megalithic Portal website had some great images of the stones enabling us to silhouette them and create the images. 1 These where put in order of the circle and strips made that will go around the ring exactly - using different size for his and her rings.2 3 4 5 Another set was made and used to cut out some gold panels from a sheet. These can then be pinned to the rings and create the raised stones. These where done using rose gold. 6 7 This picture shows the stones in place ready to be soldered on. 8 9 A hammer finish is now required to help then look stone like. 10 All finished and ready for the wedding. Graham and Beth run a fascinating and magical gemstone and crystal shop in Wadebridge Near to the stone circle. [caption id="attachment_910" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Married At Last Married At Last[/caption] Written by Richard Soper CEO