Unique Wedding Jewellery

Everyone likes a good story. This is a great story about a couple who contacted us about making something different for their wedding day. They wanted some unique wedding jewellery... Rick & Jayme Rick and Jayme don't want wedding bands on their fingers when they get married. They want something different. So they set to work researching online to find someone to make rings for matching helix piercings they had just got done with a 1.2 straight barbell. I received an email from Jayme asking if we could make some rings for the ear piercings and they made an appointment to come to our shop premises to discuss the project. Jayme and Rick are very easy to talk to. They are both acrobats who took part in the Paralympic opening ceremony. This in itself is amazing but when you meet Rick the amazement is amplified tenfold as he is disabled acrobat. Some of their work can be seen here: www.upliftingstunts.net www.facebook.com/wheelchairpartnerstunt The basic acrobat grip is what they wanted to depict on the rings. During the first meeting it became obvious that a ring was going to be awkward to work with as the hands would just be too small to see. This meant a lack of power in the visual effect. We all decided that the finished piece needs some 'wow' factor. Sketch Sketch of ring design above In the studio, both Barny (the man who has the task of making the pieces) and I, took some pictures of the acrobat grips to see what will work the best. Hands in positions The most usual grip and first picture here is the one we went for. Using this grip and having looked and photographed the piercings, we all decided that ear cuffs will work far better than rings. Hands Sketches Ear Piercings - Helix Turning the grips into a wax casting: Having taken all the measurements we need and decided on a size for the cuffs - Barny made some wax carvings for the casting. We decided that 14ct white gold would be the best metal to work with. Sketches Wax Casting Back from the casters with a quick clean up and off to the engravers to seal the wedding date on the inside of each cuff. Taking Form Rick and Jayme need to come back for a final fitting now before these are hallmarked. The design is given a little extra with the addition of a moonstone ball on each end of the internally threaded post. A bit more finishing and the addition of a small diamond on the finger will be added later. Hand Ear Cuffs in White Gold Goldsmith: Barnaby King Company: www.bodymattersgold.com Author: Richard Soper CEO BMG Jewellery

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