Custom Body Jewellery

Really if you want something made it’s a question of finding someone who can make it, understand your requirements and give you the confidence to place the work knowing they will achieve precisely what you want. That is exactly what we do at BMG jewellery. When it comes to making custom body jewellery a knowledge of both body piercing and jewellery making is essential, it also helps to have a have knowledge of anatomy. For example this is a piece of jewellery for a vertical clitoris hood piercing. The piece is made with 2 top quality half carat diamonds and four smaller diamonds. Using 18ct white gold. WhiteGoldDiamondVCHBar Something like this can be made quite easily just using email. After taking a brief the options are considered and the piercing angle and size are measured. In this case by the client. These drawings were made and each and every joint, thread and loop taken into consideration before the work starts. WhiteGoldDiamondVCHBarSketches This series of pics sent to the customer during the making process show how it is taking shape. The 7mm round ball has a male thread to screw into the female tube. This also has a buffer so it stops in the same place with the diamond facing forward every time. WhiteGoldDiamondVCHBarMaking If you have the imagination and want to do something interesting with your piercing – start thinking. Put your ideas down on paper and get them over to find out if it can be done. This dermal anchor is made to go into the supplied implant – it is set with a 10 point diamond and made from 950 platinum. A diamond is a cone so the sides are made to deflect catching the dermal. PlatinumDIamondDermalAnchorHead Imagine having something like this one below can be quite heavy. This is a circular barbell 10mm gauge set with a full carat diamond for a price albert piercing – this sort of ring will set you back a few thousand pounds but could be a good investment. YellowGoldDiamondCircularBarbell Ear stretchers and tunnels are very popular at the moment this is a platinum pair made with a rim of diamonds around the edge. The setup is a flare here but they can be customised to the width of your ear and the size of the stretched lobe. PlatinumDiamondEarFlares Each and every piece of bespoke body jewelry is hand made with care and attention to detail. The goldsmith in charge of this work is Barnaby King with both Richard Soper and Gemma Easton having input into the design and specification. Team work and communication with the customer are essential to bring everything together to make it all work. Richard Soper CEO BMG Jewellery Google +

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  • Hi there, I’m interested in making a microdermal face piercing.. For example, the one that is pierced right above the cheek bone lower than the eye. I want to get one made of a diamond and gold. Roughly 1-1.5mm in size of diamond. Please get back to me if you think this is possible?
    Thank you


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