Can You Take A Triple?

The recent trend with triple piercing may not give you what you want. I would like to gather some information in the form of pictures of triple piercings over 6 months old. Triple forward helix piercings and triple conch piercings in particular but any triple piercings are fine. Please send any pictures you have to together with you confirmation this is your picture and you are happy for me to use it.

triple piercing

This is something we have offered at my studio in the past and continue to offer but I want to be able to give more advice based on some detailed research. The question is... Does a triple piercing in a localised area put you at risk.?? You maybe a healthy individual and may have healed quickly in the past, but “can you take a triple”. Recently I have seen some 3 x helix and conch piercing really under pressure – and have had to advise the removal of the piercings. With 20 years’ experience believe me I have seen everything and know when a piercing can be saved.   The criteria you need to ask yourself. 1)      How quickly do your piercings generally heal?? 2)      How healthy are you?? Consider - A) fitness B) nutrition C) lifestyle. Ie if you are out on the piss every weekend taking the odd class a - and junking up with burgers n chips every night. If yes the chances are this will inhibit your healing drastically.. 3)      How many piercings do you have that are still healing as this will affect your immune system – it is better to wait for full healing before you go x 3 4)      Have you had a cold or any illness within the last 3 months and are your prone to colds. 5)      Piercing can suffer in the heat so if the season is changing or you have a holiday booked plan your timing. 6)      You need to avoid swimming ideally for about 4/6 weeks after any piercing. 7)      How old are you – people between the ages of 30/40 seem to heal quicker than the younger generation. 8)      Do you have pets at home a dog that likes to snuggle up to your ear, or a cat that sleeps on your pillow? 9)      Above all don’t over clean your piercings – the most common mistake is to jump on a piercing that has redness and start cleaning when the right thing to do is to slow down the cleaning and let it take its course.   If you want personal advice call me for an appointment or just pop in on a Saturday between 10.30 and 4pm   I offer 3 piercings at Real for the price of 2 as standard on the same person. see price list for details.   Richard Soper Real Piercing Studio, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK 01444 871369 Website

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