Diary of a body piercing apprentice - week two

So, week two of my body piercing apprenticeship has been a quiet one generally, with the Easter holidays coming to an end, there has been less appointments for piercings, but that’s not to say I have been able to sit back and relax!

I’ve been getting more involved with the general front of shop this week. Having to deal with customers coming in and enquiring about both our cash for gold and custom made jewellery services we also offer. This has been a great opportunity to gain more experience on dealing with clients, building a good rapport, customer service and learning about the different processes involved in designing and making custom orders. My confidence is growing steadily – I’ve been able to change over customer’s jewellery, if they need to switch down to a smaller piece after their initial piercing, and continuing to clean and mark up for new piercings, (which I’m still working to improve to get the points clean and more precise.)

However, I did do my first piercing this week, and must admit - I was terrified!

As piercings go, a nape piercing was quite a difficult one to perform for my first, but also a good one to do, as it covers many of the preparation areas which are required to perform on other body piercings. Although Richard was there guiding me all the way through, much of the procedure was done by myself, from setting up with the correct instruments, the final markings for the placement of the piercing. I was shown how to use forceps correctly to line the piercing up straight and how to hold the cannula (needle). Which I struggled with the most – probably due to obvious nerves and shaking hands! Richard was a great mentor, and made sure I was relaxed and took some nice deep breaths before the big push! (I was more worried about the piercee’s nerves and comfort than my own.) I was surprised at how sharp the cannula was, and how little pressure you needed to apply to penetrate the skin and exit smoothly. Once the jewellery was inserted and the piercing complete, I had an enormous sense of achievement, and of course a huge boost to my confidence. [caption id="attachment_652" align="alignnone" width="300"]Here it is - my first piericng complete. Here it is - my first piericng complete.[/caption] Let’s just say, I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks/months ahead of me and the challenges it brings! Katie Mitchell Body piercing apprentice @ Real Piercing Studios Part of Body Matters Gold Ltd.

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