Here at Real/BMG after the recent departure of our resident piercer Ciaron, we’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to take on a new apprentice body piercer.

Here are a few words from our new body piercing apprentice after her first week with us:

As this is my first entry on this blog, I thought I’d start by introducing myself and share with you my experiences I’ve had on my first week...

My name is Katie, I'm 25 and live in the village of Hurstpierpoint approx 4 miles south from the Real piercing studio in Burgess Hill. Katie_Piercer_2I’ve always held a passion for body modification/piercing, ever since my first ear piercing when I was around nine years old. As I grew older the number piercings increased, as did my interest and intrigue into the piercing industry, although this eventually was put on the back burner as I the years went on... However, recently I met Richard, (BMG/Real’s CEO)at a local networking event held by my previous employer – a week later I saw the advertisement on Real's Facebook and BMG’s Facebook page , a rare opportunity to become an body piercing apprentice– an opportunity I couldn’t let pass, and was ecstatic when I was offered the role! I’m lucky enough to have Richard take me under his wing and share his knowledge and experience with me. Alot of this week has been observing piercings and getting a feel for how the shop is run on a day to day basis. But having completed my first week – I’ve already learnt so much, and know there’s a long way to go yet! I thought the most important and terrifying part would be actually sticking a needle into someone’s flesh – THAT, I’ve discovered is the quick and easy part. Everything else, like setting up the piercing studio in a practical and clinical manor, where everything is to hand and contaminated equipment disposed of effectively and safely, whilst maintaining the highest hygiene standards – all of which has far more importance and procedures that I ever considered before. Having got a feel for the preparation standards of the studio, I’ve also been given training on how to clean and mark up on clients. Of which I’ve found really challenging, as I’ve quickly learnt that everyone is shaped differently -in particular ear lobes at different heights, shapes and sizes! As well as the practical aspects of the job, I’ve also started to comply a list of our suppliers to start organizing purchase ordering (or checking purchase orders) and organising tons of jewellery by length, width and type/shape, which of course all is all part of the job. Although I’ve only been here a week, I really feel at home already here. The rest of the team at Real/BMG have been so welcoming, and helpful to guide me – especially if I have no idea if I’m doing something right or not! So watch this space... there’s still more to come as the weeks go on. (I’ll start to get some pics included hopefully, and I’m sure my blogging abilities will slowly improve too!) Katie Mitchell Body piercing apprentice @ Real Piercing Studios Part of BMG body jewellery This particular post was published by Richard Soper, author. CEO of Body Matters Gold Ltd.