Body Piercings & Pregnancy

Body piercings and pregnancy – should I remove it ?? Belly Bars Each and every one of us has a different type of skin ranging from super flexible to quite tough skin. Many ladies find they can leave a normal belly bar in during pregnancy for the whole term even giving birth with the piercing in place. However at the other end of the scale if someone has sensitive skin or a low immune system the piercing may become problematic from early stages. This can entail redness and itching around the piercing itself. Once the belly starts to grow say 4 a four month bump, the piercing may start to become under pressure. This is the stage you need to decide if you are going to remove it or replace the jewellery with something more suitable to try and preserve the piercing full term.  If the piercing is quite small ie 6mm or less from one hole to the other you may find a small ring does the job quite easily. However if you don’t like rings or your piercing is over 6mm you may want to try a pregnancy bar. These are basically a normal plain ball on the top (normal 4 or 5mm) a piece of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) the best know brand of this is Teflon. Basically it looks like a piece of flexible plastic. The other end can be a basic ball 5 or 6mm or something more ornate such as this custom made white gold and sapphire daisy made by BMG. You can see the PTFE bar on this with was removed and replaced with a white gold shaft after the birth. [caption id="attachment_597" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Pregnancy Bar White Gold & Sapphire Pregnancy Belly Bar[/caption] It is worth talking this through with your midwife as each belly will form a different shape during pregnancy, some may retain shape of piercing and some belly buttons stick out due to the pressure, in these cases it is advisable to remove the jewellery. Nipple Piercings during pregnancy [caption id="attachment_119" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Gold Barbell with Slave Ring Gold Nipple Bar With Slave Ring[/caption] Nipple piercings are generally OK during pregnancy however the nipples do tend to become more sensitive meaning the piercing is a bit sore and more prone to infection. It is a good idea to consider the birth at this stage as breast feeding is likely to be hampered with jewellery through your nipples. Some ladies remove the jewellery during feeding and replace it afterwards but please remember that the body secretes lymph through old piercings and even when fully healed the pregnancy may lower you immune system and cause the old piercing to secrete lymph which in turn will increase risk of infection to both you and the baby. Feeding with jewellery in place maybe possible (location of jewellery permitting) but It could also make the baby’s mouth sore and be dangerous. You don’t want anything swallowed by your baby. So is there any point in going through pregnancy with your nipple jewellery in place just to remove it after the birth. Please remember most piercings can be redone at a more appropriate time. Clitoral and female genital piercings. Normally these piercings will not be affected during pregnancy except they may become swollen with the increased blood flow of pregnancy. Most midwives will quite rightly insist on removal for birth as there is no point in risking the piercings catching anything during the birth. This is of course just common sense.   [caption id="attachment_121" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Platinum and Diamond Barbell with Zip Detail Platinum & Diamond Zip clit bar[/caption] For more information please call Real Piercing Shop or visit the website

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