This blog was created to help YOU find the correct piercing jewellery size for your piercings. Here at BMG we get a lot of people who are unsure what sizes to go for when choosing their new piercing jewellery. I have compiled this list of the most common piercings and the size of jewellery used for both fresh piercings and healed piercings.

Please note that these are average sizes and will not be suitable for everybody due to differing anatomy. Nostril – I commonly pierce nostrils with jewellery that is either 6mm or 7mm in length. Nostrils do not tend to swell much and once any swelling as gone down and the piercing has healed a lot of the time the jewellery tends to be 5mm in length. Thickness of the nose stud depends on the way in which the piercing was performed, when pierced with a needle nostril piercings are commonly 1mm thick, when pierced with a gun they will be 0.8mm. 6pt Diamond Nose Stud in Platinum Top Ear – Top ear piercings are usually pierced at 1.2mm with a length of 8/10mm depending on the thickness of the cartilage, once healed they will normally settle at around 6/7mm. If your ear was pierced with a gun you may have trouble fitting our tubular jewellery due to it being slightly thicker. Your piercing will need to be stretched ever so slightly to accommodate the new jewellery, this won't be overly painful if done by an experienced piercer. Tragus – Tragus' are mostly pierced at 1.2mm thick and anywhere between 8mm – 10mm depending on how thick the tragus is. These can take a little while to settle but most of the time when healed the jewellery will be 6mm in length.

Tongue – When the tongue is pierced it tends to swell to around twice the size of the tongues normal size. Bar size used for initial piercing will be around 20mm, occasionally 22mm if the tongue is slightly thicker. On average, when healed the bar will normally need to be either 12 or 14mm. This is anatomy dependent as some people will need either a 10mm or 16mm tongue bar. Most one size fits all jewellery for piercing shops will be 16mm. Lip – Lips are another one of those piercings that do swell so a longer bar is required initially. The jewellery tends to be either 9mm or 10mm. Once again this is anatomy dependent. Once healed I have found that most lips will tend to be 7mm, on rare occasions 6mm. Most of the time I pierce these at 1.2mm but if a client has a preference towards 1.6mm I will pierce at this thickness. Your piercer should tell you what thickness you were pierced at. Navel – Navel piercings are a piercing that will take a while to settle down so finding a size that is most comfortable for you may required a slight bit of altering. When piercing I normally use a bar that is 1.6mm thick and 12mm long. Once healed they tend to settle at around 10mm but this can vary throughout the piercings life time with things like weight loss and pregnancy being key factors.

Pink Tourmaline Embrace Belly Bar

Eyebrow – With eyebrow piercings I tend to perform them at 1.2mm for females for a more feminine look and 1.6mm for males unless the client specifies otherwise,  with a length of 10mm. They have a tendency to shrink slightly before settling down so can need a bar as small as 6mm once fully healed. Once again these are all averages and not the correct size for everybody. We suggest you go to your local reputable piercer to find out exact sizes or pop in to our shop and we shall take the measurements for you.