Fitting a nose stud can always be tricky the first few times, or if you decide to use a different style from what you are used to. It's a fiddly job, but once you get the hang of it - it couldn't be easier. Practise makes perfect!

Fancy Yellow Diamond Nose Stud An important thing to keep in mind is - Make sure both your hands and the nose stud are clean before you begin. Take a look at our video tutorial below for hints and tips to make it easier for you: It's a tutorial showing you how to put in a U shaped nose stud, also known as a corkscrew or screw nose stud. These are the hardest nose rings to insert yourself, but (once in) they are the most secure. There are several different tail shapes and here at BMG Ltd we make them all, set with gorgeous gemstones and diamonds - all handmade just for you. If you have a questions or need help just contact us or pop into Real Piercing Studio in Burgess Hill.