BMG's New Nose Stud Tail Shapes!


We are excited to let you all know that we have rejuvenated our nose stud tail shapes just for you! After much research and trialing, we have made some tweaks to BMG's Nose Studs so that YOU can benefit from a more comfortable fit, easier insertion and overall better look. Take a look at the new changes below. You will see that these are only very slight changes: We have straightened out the bend in the 'L' tail, perfected the curve of the 'Half-U' and made the full 'U' more compact. You will find that the nose studs will be easier to fit, more comfortable in the piercing and less likely to protrude from the nostril.

BMG Ltd - Nose Stud Tail Shapes

The 'Pin' This is the easiest of the nose studs to get in and out. If features a straight post with a slightly wider 'end ball' to hold it in place. There are optional tiny rubber rings which pop over the end for extra security.  It us most popular with people that like to change their nose jewellery often. The 'L' This is more secure than the 'Pin' tail, and is relatively easy to get in and out of the piercing. It features a straight post and tail, with a right-angle bend. The 'L' is most popular for people who like ease of use with a little extra security. The 'Half-U' We created the 'Half-U' as a happy medium between the 'L' and full 'U'. It offers good security and comfort. It is a little trickier to fit than the 'L', but once you get the hang of it - it's simple. The 'Half-U' is specific to nostril side, so has a left or right choice. Most popular with people who don't plan to change their nose jewellery too often, and don't get on with the full 'U'. This one is also a good choice for the initial piercing. The 'U' This is the most secure of tail shapes. It features a U bend shape which can be a little fiddly to get in, but stays put. Some people might find that it is a little too much metal inside the nose, meaning it sometimes pokes out of the nostril. The 'U' is most popular with people who want a secure fit, and don't plan to change their nose jewellery. The 'U' tail is also side specific (left/right). Any extra feedback on the new tail shapes would be much appreciated, along with any further suggestions :) Comment below or email us. Have a great day!

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