Piercing Trends - Triple Helix Piercing & Triple Conch Piercing

We have noticed a strong and original new trend sweeping the piercing studios! It would seem that people are no longer happy with just ONE piercing; they are opting for THREE at a time! We are getting more and more customers through our doors asking for the new and innovative triple ear piercing.

The most popular one at our piercing studio is currently the Triple Conch piercing. And you can see why… it looks fantastic! A popular look is to pierce with a slightly larger gem in the middle, with the two smaller outside studs at the same size.

Triple Conch Piercing Personally I just love the Triple Forward Helix piercing. This one looks best when done using three slightly different sized gems – Starting with the smallest at the top and ascending to the largest at the bottom. Some people even manage to squeeze a fourth stud in!

Triple Forward Helix Then there’s the Triple Helix piercing, another great one! This is similar to the Forward Helix, but further back on the ear. Sometimes these piercings will just follow the curve of the ear, and sometimes it will be a bit fancier. A beautiful design for this piercing is the vertical line - usually with largest gem at the top and smallest at bottom.

Triple Helix Vertical Line One more interesting one is the Triple Top Ear piercing, also known as the Triple Flat piercing. The beauty of this one is that you can play around with the positioning – the options are endless! One of the most popular Triple Top Ear piercing formations is the triangle of studs. I have also seen designs using more studs - things like crosses, squares and diamonds.

Triple Top Ear Piercing Nothing can make these popular piercings look better then adorning them with beautiful hand-crafted Diamond and Gemstone body jewellery. I highly recommend the 3pt, 6pt and 10pt Diamond for the Forward Helix or the vertical line Helix piercing – they look just great! You can even mix it up a bit and experiment with different shaped diamonds or gems!

So if you want to join the trends that is taking the nation by storm – book in with Ciaron at BMG’s prestigious piercing studio - Real. You’ll receive great service and a fantastic offer! Call us on 01444 871369. Take a browse of Ciaron's Piercing Portfolio!

If you want more information on having custom handmade Diamond or Gemstone studs for this piercing - email us here.

Triple Conch & Double Forward Helix Piercing

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  • Hi,

    My friend and I would like to come in and get our ears pierced on the 17th October in the afternoon. I’d like a small gold ring in my daith and a forward helix stud and she would like a small gold ring in her helix. Neither of us have holes so we need piercing and jewelry. Can you give an idea of price for this and let me know what time on the 17th we can come in. I am Amanda Graham and she is Katey Burlace. Thank you.

    Amanda Graham

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