Real Piercing Studio Burgess Hill Ever since we started this blog I’ve been meaning to write various blog entries detailing my progression as a piercer and every time I’ve started one I’ve been sidetracked. So having set aside a spare 15 minutes I thought it was about time I wrote one and showed you some of the things I’ve done since my first blog entry over a year ago. [caption id="attachment_194" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Real Piercing Studio Burgess Hill Real Piercing Studio Burgess Hill[/caption] Since my last blog post I’ve taken on all of the piercing work bar a couple which I’m in the process of learning at this moment in time. Some of my personal favourites to do being scaffold piercings, surface anchors, skin divers, conch piercings and anything with lovely jewellery which is always a regular occurrence when you  work here. One of the most recent is this belly piercing with a BMG Trillion Blue Topaz and Diamond belly bar. This was custom made to the customer’s navel size by Barney our goldsmith. [caption id="attachment_190" align="alignright" width="224"]Custom Made Belly Piercing at Real Piercing Studio Custom Made Belly Bar & Piercing[/caption] One of the unique service we offer at BMG is having a custom made belly bar using precious metals and gemstones and even be pierced with it! We also offer this with our range of diamond nose studs. A few months ago I did this set of three cartilage piercings positioned in the shape of a triangle. It’s always fun doing things like this as it’s always a bit of a challenge and something you don’t tend to get to do every day.  The two favourite piercings I’ve done recently are a triple forward helix and a triple conch piercing. I’ve wanted to do this piercing for a long time but it isn’t something many people come in for very often. [caption id="attachment_191" align="aligncenter" width="126"] Real Piercing Studio Burgess Hill Triple Helix Piercing Triple Helix Piercing[/caption] Real Piercing Burgess Hill - Triple Conch Piercing I finally got the chance to do this during our Buy One Get One Free Offers we put on throughout the year. This piercing proved very popular when posted to our Facebook page so hopefully I’ll get to do a few more in the coming weeks!  To see some more of my piercing portfolio check out both of our Facebook pages, just search BMG Ltd or Real Piercing Jewellery Shop.