Team GB made Britain proud by bringing home the gold, with the biggest haul of gold medals in 104 years. Amongst the medals and world records we noticed a key trend taking over the Olympic village. There was an abundance of precious metals, not only around the athletes’ necks, but in the form of stunning body jewellery worn by the athletes. Jessica Ennis ear studs
While piercings and sport might remind you of masking tape in P.E. lessons, the athletes are looking to transform this outdated image. During London 2012 we saw an array of tongue bars, belly bars, eyebrow bars and customised earrings, as well as lucky chain necklaces and Olympics-themed tattoos. The athletes certainly seemed intent on making sure this Olympics was the most stylish of wearing masking tape on your ears during
Javier Culson from Peurto Rico accepted his bronze medal wearing an eyebrow stud and two oversized gemstone earrings. Gold medal winning French swimmer Florent Manaudou cheekily stuck out his tongue to photographers when in the pool, showing off his tongue piercing, and Australian hurdler Sally Pearson displayed her tongue bar when screaming with delight at winning her first Olympic gold medal. Serena Williams won gold in the tennis singles and doubles, continuing to prove belly bars suit even the most active lifestyles, and it seemed U.S swimmer Dana Vollmer’s eye catching silver elephant ear studs were her good luck charm; she set an Olympic record for her 100 meter qualifying heat, as well as winning 3 gold medals. Aly Raisman, the 18 year old American gymnast and captain of the gold-medal winning U.S. Women’s Gymmastics team, won two individual medals; a gold for her floor work and a bronze for the balance beam. Before travelling to London for this year’s games, she made sure to pack her custom made earrings featuring rubies, diamonds and sapphires to symbolise the red, white and blue of the U.S. flag. She became so attached to them she wore them not only during her qualifying performance, but also during interviews and on her Sports Illustrated cover photoshoot. While our very own famously pierced Phillips Idowu was left disappointed after failing to qualify for this year’s games, he deserves a gold medal for his body jewellery alone. The flamboyant triple jumper is known for accessorising with bright red hair, a lower lip piercing, tongue piercing, eyebrow piercing and three ear piercings:Phillips Idowu piercings Olympics athletes wearing body jewellery is by no means a new trend. Because they competed naked, the ancient Greeks would permanently attach their genitals in place with a piercing. Fortunately, your Olympics-inspired piercing needn’t be so painful. If you’ve been inspired by the washboard stomachs of the likes of Jessica Ennis and are working on your own abs, why not show them off with one of our stunning belly bars? Platinum, gold and white gold belly bars are the perfect finishing touch to a crop top or bikini, and why not choose a design featuring a red, white or blue precious stone? Or how about a nose stud, tongue bar, labret stud or ear plug? All our jewellery is hand crafted in Britain using the highest quality metals, diamonds and gemstones. Although we’re currently suffering Olympics withdrawal, we’re looking forward to the Paralympics. Good luck to all athletes competing!  Picture credit: Erik van Leeuwen