Birthstones & Hand-Crafted Body Jewellery

This month I have chosen to write about birthstones.  A birthstone is a gemstone from a person’s month of birth, most traditionally set in a ring or other form of jewellery. Birthstone jewellery has always been very popular as it has added sentiment and offers a nice personal touch. We often have requests for bespoke jewellery set with birthstones, often as a birthday gift for a family member, friend or loved one. See our Custom Galleries for some of our most recent work. Each gem is associated with its own set of unique qualities which are said to symbolise the month of birth, which are outlined below: GarnetJanuary Garnet – The most popular colour of a garnet is red, but it also comes in a variety of other beautiful shades. Garnet is said to encourage Faith, Eternity and Truth. Click here to see our great range of Garnet jewellery. Amethyst February Amethyst – Amethyst comes in a lovely range of purple-y colours, and is the most precious stone within the quartz family. It is thought to bring Luck, Wit and Good Health. Click here to see our fantastic range of Amethyst jewellery. AquamarineMarch Aquamarine – Aquamarine is best known for its wonderful delicate blue-y / green-y colours, which remind sea. Its name actually originates from the Latin word for seawater. It is said to promote Happiness and Understanding. Click here to see our great range of Aquamarine jewellery. AprilDiamond Diamond – The most precious of all stones! (Lucky April). Diamonds are known for their gorgeous shine and extreme durability. They are customarily linked to romance and love, and are also said to stand for Eternity, Courage and Health. Click here to see our stunning range of Diamond jewellery. EmeraldMay Emerald – Emerald comes in a lovely rich green colour and is known as one of the more traditional gemstones (along with diamond, ruby and sapphire). It is thought to inspire Fidelity, Goodness and Love. Click here to see our charming range of Emerald jewellery. Pearl June Pearl – Pearls are a very beautiful spherical gemstone, which look fabulous when the catch the light. They have been predominantly popular with woman rather than men. Each natural pearl takes anywhere from 6months to 3 years to be produced!  They are believed to enhance Peace, Nobility and Beauty. Click here to see our wonderful selection of Pearl jewellery. RubyJuly Ruby – Rubies are in the same family as Sapphires and have a fantastic deep red colour. They are a very precious gemstone and large Rubies can sometimes be more expensive than equivalent Diamonds. They are very popular in royal jewellery.  Rubies fuel Love, Enthusiasm and Strength. Click here to see our wonderful selection of Ruby jewellery. AugustPeridot Peridot –Peridot is a wonderful bright green colour. It is one of the few gemstones that can only be found in one single colour. It has a brilliant green shine when it catches the light. Peridot is believed to stimulate Success, Peace and Luck. Click here to see our striking selection of Peridot jewellery. SapphireSeptember Sapphire – Sapphire comes in a fantastic variety of colours, the most popular being blue, red and pink. They are commonly known in the jewellery world as ‘Fancies’. Sapphire is believed to motivate Serenity and Truth. Click here to see our striking selection of Sapphire jewellery. OctoberOpal Opal – The Opal is a stunning gemstone that shines with varied colour as it catches the light, sort of like a rainbow! This spectacular display of colour is making the Opal ever more popular. It is said to influence Purity, Hope and Health. Click here to see our stunning Opal Ball Closure Ring. CitrineNovember Citrine – Citrine comes in a beautiful array of yellow and orange-y colours, the most popular being a lovely golden yellow. Its name comes from the French word for lemon. As well as beautiful, Citrine is very affordable which has made it one of the most popular gemstones. It is believed to increase Money, Luck, Protection, and Healing. Click here to see our great range of Citrine jewellery. DecemberTopaz Topaz – Topaz is another gemstone that comes in a great range of colours. The most popular seem to be blue and pink. These stones are also very popular as they come in very vibrant colours and are very affordable. They are thought to persuade Wisdom, Courage and Sincerity. Click here to see our fantastic range of Topaz jewellery .

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