Latest Nose Stud

Latest Nose Stud From BMG This is the latest stunning nose stud from Diamond Cluster Flower Nose Stud with a Centre Gemstone of Your Choice. Choose from a Ruby, Amethyst, Peridot or Blue Sapphire. Once you have selected the centre stone you can then start to design your nose stud by selecting the gauge, shaft length, tail shape and the precious metal of your choice. The goldsmiths at BMG will then make this lovely nose stud to your exact specification. You should consider this nose jewellery as one of the finest in the world today, a real treat with a real sparkle. Pink Sapphire Cluster Flower Nose Stud in NoseAmethyst Cluster Flower Nose Stud in White Gold BMG nose stud is a very special piece of jewellery. Hand-made for you to the specific information you have selected. Each gem and diamond is hand set. If you are having problems putting in you nose stud please have a look at Fitting a U shaped Nose Stud  Diamond Cluster Flower Nose Jewellery Selection 26/05/2012

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