Feedback round up BMG would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. There has been some brilliant feedback on our site, which is a reflection of all the hard work going on behind the scenes. Many of the comments highlight the great quality of the nose studs, belly bars and other body jewellery BMG produce.
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Custom Made Tanzanite & Diamond Belly Bar By BMG
As everything is handmade, our craftsmen have complete control over the whole process, and can make pieces exactly to your requirements. Rebecca even went as far as to say that “the quality of your jewellery far surpasses anything else I've ever tried,” after receiving her nose stud. Thank you, Rebecca! There were also comments about how little irritation the jewellery causes. Christy mentioned that she has a severe nickel allergy, and although she has had supposedly nickel-free jewellery before, it was not until getting a nose stud from BMG that she was free from discomfort. There is no nickel in any of the metals used at BMG, and in any case, a more luxurious feel can be gotten from wearing pieces that are made from gold, platinum and palladium. These are naturally non-reactive metals, which are safe to wear, and look fantastic. BMG’s jewellery is also an excellent fit. A free guide to choosing nose studs and nose rings is available to download, so you can be sure the jewellery you choose will suit the shape of your face and nose. Ring sizers can also be provided to help people choose the perfect size toe ring. Susan mentioned that she was “VERY impressed” by her belly bar, which fitted “perfectly”. She ordered one of BMG`s free measuring tools to get the correct shaft length. If you are unsure as to what belly bars might suit you, a previous blog post on ‘types of navel’ might help. BMG ship designs all around the world, and were pleased to hear that deliveries are arriving quickly in places like the USA and Australia. A lot of people mentioned that they are already planning their next purchase, as well. It seems that some people are acquiring quite a collection of BMG pieces! Annette is intending to buy some labret studs, for example, and Michelle merely says that she will be buying “a lot more”. A final big thank you to everyone.
From all the team here at BMG