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Any fan of body jewellery, and they are very much in the ascendancy, cannot fail to have noticed the sheer volume of websites there now is offering all manner of jewellery for your piercings. As with most areas of online e-commerce there is a definite division between the type of jewellery on offer.

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At one end we have the cheap and cheerful which may as well also be classed as disposable seeing as many of them will break after being worn once or twice, then we have the high end, top quality body jewellery that will probably still be pristine condition when you have tired of your piercing.

On paper, it is clear which one of the two is the better buy, even though it is a higher initial investment, but there is a lot more to it than that. Age, as well as price, plays a major factor in which body jewellery is going to be bought by whom. Young people who are experimenting with piercings as part of seeking to establish their identity will not have the money for the designer handmade pieces, so will go down the cheap and cheerful route to allow them to build up a sizeable collection without breaking the bank. Those who have got more than a student grant to live on will opt for the handmade option every time as they are simply, for want of a better word, classier.

Buying cheap body jewellery is always a risk as some unscrupulous sites will not always state what the piece of jewellerys are made of and just declare them to be 'metal'. So that smart, silver belly bar may look good until the colour rubs off and you are left with a nasty irritation or infection that could result in you losing your piercing altogether. A handmade piece from a reputable site will openly declare what material has been used, be it silver, gold, surgical steel etc.

You cannot compare a cheap, made from whatever painted with whatever, nose ring with a handmade one. But if all your budget will allow you is the former you will make do with it. Many handmade pieces of body jewellery are purchased as gifts and parents, although they may not buy into the whole 'having holes in your face to look cool' philosophy would rather know their offspring were wearing quality items rather than those which could cause problems.

Handmade Jewellery

From what we have said so far you may think that the handmade market is struggling, when this is far from the truth. Put the gift buying aside, and those who can afford the good stuff, who else is buying it? The fastest growing area of those discovering body art of all forms is women in the over 40's age group. Those who have never had a tattoo in their lives are going out and having their skins indelibly inked with representations of their grandchildren and once they have this done they are looking for other ways to express their inner young at heart, so are also having body piercings.

There is also a higher number of single women in this age bracket too, and a woman of this age does not want to fit into that category and want to regain the youth that they feel passed by them too quickly. These older, newly converted fans of body art will go to a higher end tattoo parlour, and will also pay more for a good piece of handmade body jewellery. This age group have never been part of the cheap and disposable brigade, and grew up in a time where any piece of jewellery was one to treasure for years to come, and this ethos carries on into their attitude towards body jewellery.

These women, who were probably viewed as radical for having their ears pierced 20 years ago, now have their noses, navels, tongues, tragus and many other areas now proudly displaying a piece of jewellery. They will pay more for their body jewellery as they want to know what they are putting in those piercings and they want to know they will not suffer any rashes or irritations. The simple fact is they want quality, and they are prepared to pay that bit extra to get that.

Both ends of the body jewellery chain will always have its fans, but it is a natural progression from one to the other. A young girl with an orange flexibar in their eyebrow during their teens will want something altogether more sophisticated as they move into their twenties and into the workplace. Piercings are very much an accepted part of our culture and as there are very few professions now in which they are now banned, with both the older new customers and the constant influx of the younger crowd upgrading, the future is bright for the handmade body jewellery market.

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