Quality Custom Made Navel Bars

Navel (or belly button) piercing has remained particularly popular since the 1990’s, it is a strong fashion statement, often studios receive an influx of clients just before and during the warmer seasons as it is one of many glamorous ways to show off your body.

Body piercing in itself is a beautiful form of decoration and celebrating your body, and what better way that to adorn your navel with a piece of gorgeous eye catching jewellery. Today the piercing industry offers a huge range of different styles of jewellery for your navel for affordable prices, some of these pieces on the internet can be cheap and bad quality, easily breaking and tarnishing with age. 

If you would wear top quality jewellery around your neck and on your fingers then why seek a cheaper option for your piercings?

Here are BMG Jewellery we custom make beautiful body jewellery. Not only are these pieces of outstanding quality, but they are made to fit your body alone. We measure to the millimeter the exact length of each person’s piercing in order to create specific bars to fit you.  

Below is a picture of a truly stunning custom made navel bar. The client works in the diamond industry so in this case, she supplied her own diamonds. The bar contains two large oval shaped diamonds the larger on containing 41 points and the smaller on containing 20 points. The smaller diamonds contain 7 points each. The bar itself is platinum and the top diamond is internally threaded to create a secure fitting, reducing the risk of it coming undone and being lost. Hand-Made by BMG head goldsmith Barnaby King. I had the pleasure of fitting this jewellery for this client. It sat perfectly in her piercing and she was over the moon with the quality of the finished product.  


Many celebrities have chosen to use our company for their body jewellery, such as Abbie Titmus, and Janet Street Porter.  Dennis Bergkamp has purchased handmade pieces for his wife and daughter.

In our Real piercing and tattoo studio it is possible for you to have your navel freshly pierced with handmade one of a-kind jewellery. The only consideration being that the material for the bar must be nickel free un-plated 14 or 18ct white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Platinum can be very heavy so you may be limited to the size of the jewellery you can choose for your initial piercing.  Bearing this in mind you can choose to have an instant glamorous and sophisticated piercing from day one.

Our website contains some of the gorgeous navel bars we offer encrusted with precious gems and crystals, If there is something you particular or unusual you desire for your jewellery BMG Jewellery can assist you.  Our team are welcoming and committed to assisting you in choosing the best possible option for your piercing. You can view more of our designs here.




Please call us on 01444 871369 or pop in to our office and workshop for a chat, your brand new one of a-kind jewellery is waiting for you.


Written by Harley Fox 

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