Top piercings for 2016

Top piercings for 2016

Every year different piercings seem to become the next big trend, so what is popular fashionable this year for 2016?


Smiley Piercing: The smiley (also called the lip fraenulum piercing or scrumper) has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a discreet hidden piercing often considered as alluring as it is only visible when the pierce smiles, thus creating its iconic name. The piercing itself is generally reported as being relatively painless, most likely to do with the fact that the fraenulum is usually a very thin piece of skin and the piercing it is a quick process.

Healing time: 6-8 weeks

Jewellery type: 1.2mm curved barbell, 1.2mm horseshoes ring, 1.2mm BCR ring

BMG Jewellery offers a range of quality pieces for your smiley piercing which you can view here.

A freshly pierced smiley performed by Real’s body piercer: Harley Fox


Septum PiercingSeptum piercings have gained huge popularity in the last year. Rather than the traditional nostril piercing, the septum piercing jewellery rests at the front of the nose. You can understand why this piercing has the nickname ‘bull ring.’ The variety of jewellery you can use for you septum is ever growing with more beautiful pieces being produced to adorn your nose with everything from gold Indian style rings to glamorous jewelled rings, to comical pieces such as fake moustaches. The piercing has become so popular that there is even a market for fake septum jewellery once again offering a wide range of different styled rings. The piercing itself is often reported to being quite painful; this could be due to the flesh being quite thick that the needle has to go through. I would recommend wearing minimal eye makeup on the day of your piercing appointment as notoriously your eyes will run.  Be prepared to have a larger ring in your nose initially, this is to allow the piercing to swell without causing pain or infection. This can be changed after the healing period to a much smaller discreet piece of jewellery if desired. Your nose can feel bruised afterward but with the proper after care you can have a perfectly healed piercing for life.

Healing time: 6-8 months. The initial pain will usually be relieved usual after 3 weeks.

Jewellery type: 1.2mm or 1.6mm horse shoe ring, septum clincher, curved barbell, or BCR ring.

BMG Jewellery offers a range of quality pieces for you septum piercing which you can view here. 

 A fleshly pierced septum performed by Real’s body piercer: Jenny Kerr


Nipple Piercing: Adoring your nipples with fashionable jewellery dates back to as far as the 14th centenary. It has remained a popular piercing and has become even more common in 2016 on both women and men. There is a staggering amount of different styles of jewellery to wear in your nipples. Nipple shields are particularly glamorous; usually a patterned silver or titanium circle frames your nipple, giving it a creative appearance. The classic bar bell has always been a popular as well as the BCR ring.  The process of having your nipples pierced can be uncomfortable depending on your nipple size, thought it is a quick process your  nipple area can feel bruised and sore for a day or two afterward. When it comes to cleaning your new piercing I found the best method is to use either BPA aftercare or fill a shot glass of sea salt water or saline solution, lean back with the glass over your nipple and create some suction to help pull out any residue from the piercing. Over all having your nipples pierced can increase sensitivity and sexual arousement, they can prevent your nipples from becoming inverted, give the nipples an appearance of being larger, and give you a sense of confidence and clarity with your naked body.

Healing time: 9-12 months. Initial pain will usually be relieved after 2 weeks.

Jewellery type: 1.2 or 1.6 horse shoe ring, BCR ring, barbell, nipple shield.

BMG Jewellery offers a range of quality pieces for your nipple piercing which you can view here and here. 

A freshly pierced nipple on Real’s tattooist: Simon Watkins performer by Real’s body piercer: Jenny Kerr


Daith Piercing:  The daith piercing has boomed in popularity in the last year, it emerged via social media that a piercing in that placement on the ear could drastically elevate a migraine suffers pain and discomfort.

Company Owner of Real & BMG Jewellery Richard Soper has been gathering information from each piercing client that has had the medical daith piercing, to determine how the piercing has helped each individual with their condition. Having your daith pierced is a quick process and mostly reported as being relatively painless though a little uncomfortable. Because it is pierced on the inside of the ear it’s is usually less uncomfortable to sleep on that side than if you have had your tragus or helix pierced. BMG jewellery offers a wide range of quality pieces to wear in your healed daith piercing including custom made pieces to wear in your initial piercing, providing you with an instant fancy piercing from day one.

You can read more about Richards daith project here. 

 Healing time: 10-12 months

Jewellery type: 1.2mm or 1.6mm horse shoe ring or BCR ring.

BMG offers a range of range of quality pieces for your daith piercing which you can view here;

A freshly pierced daith performed by Real’s body piercer: Harley Fox


Tongue Piercing: The tongue piercing has been an ever common piercing since the 90’s; we are yet to see the decrease in the popularity of the pierced tongue. Having your tongue pierced is shocking, alluring and provocative often increasing sexual pleasure (for both sexes.) Its historical uses include Shamans and priests of tribes adorning the piercing to better communicate with the gods and provide an altered state of consciousness. It is no wonder than this piercing is still sort out by many people of all ages and gender. The beauty of having your tongue pierced is that no one need know you have it unless you choice to show it off. Many types of barbells are available for the regular tongue piercing, such a jewelled barbells, patterned acrylic bars including bars that give the appearance of a pill resting on your tongue, bioflex bars for comfort and erotic vibrating and rotating bars. The tongue piercing is notoriously one of the most uncomfortable to heal, though the initial piercing is surprising quick the swelling can cause a lot of discomfort for minimum two weeks afterward. We recommend after you have had your tongue pierced to avoid solid foods, suck ice, take anti inflammatory painkillers and eat lots of cold foods like ice cream to help numb the area. Be prepared to have slurred speech for at least two weeks so it is not the best idea to have it done if you have a job or education where you are required to speak a lot for long periods of time. Plan your tongue piercing, when can you allow your mouth the adequate rest to cope with a fresh piercing? Once healed the tongue piercing is hidden and discreet.

Healing time: 2 weeks for swelling to reduce and bar to be changed down to a smaller one, then a further 2-3 weeks until it is completely healed.

Jewellery type: 1.6mm barbell

BMG Jewellery offers a range of quality pieces for you tongue you can view here

 A healed tongue piercing performed by Real’s body piercer: Harley Fox



  Written by Harley Fox 

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