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Diamond Daith Ring

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Continuous Nose Ring

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Continuous Nose Ring

Continuous Nose Ring

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9ct Helix Snake

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9ct Large Helix Snake

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Electric Blue Parabia Tourmaline Earrings

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Alexandrite Gemstone Earrings

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Daith Piercings

Everything you need to know about Daith Piercing & Daith Piercings

Different people have different views about fashion. When this fashion is combined with something therapeutic, it creates magic. This is exactly what Daith piercings are. In today’s post, I am going to talk you through about this magical piece of jewellery that can work wonders for migraine patients.

So, let us have a look at everything you ought to know about is jewellery with therapeutic value.

What is a Daith piercing?

In the most basic terms, a Daith piercing is a non-typical type of ear piercing in which the earring is pierced through a piece of cartilage, from the outer area of the ear. This cartilage also called as the helix, is located just about the ear canal.
There is evidence that such piercing can help people who are suffering from the problem of a migraine. Though there are no biological trials or clinical studies that can clearly reflect the same, there are clear-cut numbers that support the effectiveness of Daith piercing in helping people get rid of the migraine problem.

As a matter of fact, there have also been suggestions that this loss of pain might just be a placebo effect.

A little peep into the history of Daith piercing

Daith piercing is supposed to have found its name from ‘da’at’ a word in the Hebrew language which means knowledge. However, the type of piercing became famous when it was brought to the limelight by the Body Play Magazine.

According to Fakir Musafar, one of the most famous performance artists to have lived on the planet,” It was the year 1992 when Erik Dakota gave the world Daith piercing. He was working on a Jewish woman client, who had a metaphysical bend. Erik also devised a special type of needle required to carry out this type of piercing.

What numbers say?

In one of the recent studies conducted by MigrainePal and led by Carl Cincinnato, it was found that almost 50% of the people who used daith piercing experienced a decrease in frequency of migraine attacks (the numbers were 47% to be exact).
And, that’s not all. When the patients were talked about the decrease in severity of a migraine, the results were quite similar i.e. almost 50% of the people said that they experience less severe migraine attacks. Those numbers say it all.

But, it’s not just a medical treatment

However, if we look at it today Daith piercing has become a lot more than just a treatment for a migraine. It has become a style statement. There is a huge list of Hollywood celebrities and famous personalities who adorn this form of ear piercing. The biggest name in the list being Kylie Jenner – who has been looked adoring her Daith piercing with a heart shaped earring.

The craze and popularity of Daith piercing, being a lot more than just a therapeutic accessory, can be analysed from the fact that there are quite a number of different styles and patterns in these beautiful accessories available in the market.

Want to try it out?

Tempted to try Daith piercing? Well, go ahead – it looks beautiful. But you have to be careful while getting it done because you need to be with the experts. The process requires technical expertise, and therefore you cannot afford to take the risk of getting it done from a non-expert. What makes it so complicated is the fact that it requires the piercing to pass directly through the cartilage protruding above the opening of your external auditory canal. And, a slight carelessness in handling the procedure could lead to serious damage.

BMG Jewellery has some of the most beautiful options

If you adorn Daith piercing, and have been looking for jewellery options to try then BMG Jewellery is the one place where you can expect to get some of the craziest and most beautiful Daith rings available for you. From the Diamond flower curved bar to heart Daith ring and what not – you can expect to get the best of the lot right here at one place and that too at the lowest prices in the market!

Want to grab the finest Daith jewellery anywhere in the market? There is no better place for you to be. Just take a look at the options that we have available for you and see for yourself what we at BMG Jewellery have to offer for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit our website to check out what we have available for you when it comes to not just Daith piercings, but other forms of beautiful jewellery and accessories as well.

BMG Jewellery – the best place online to get Daith piercing jewellery and lot more that you cannot expect to get anywhere else in the market!

Select the perfect Daith Jewellery in the UK today!

With the universalizing trend of piercing jewellery in today’s fashion world, it is essential to choose the right jewellery and know as much about them as we can. Even though you can probably change and swap the jewellery if you don’t like it, it is vital to choose the right one at the first try. The piercing jewellery should portray your sense of style and fashion while remaining comfortable and light. So, BMG Jewellery brings to you a total guide to amateur piercing and choosing the perfect Daith piercing jewellery in the UK.

If you have a rather new piercing and want to change it, it is advisable to keep your first jewellery in the piercing until and unless it has dried and healed. Disturbing and swapping jewellery, while the piercing is still raw, might aggravate it and cause infection. If your piercing is old and well healed then you are free to experiment as much as you can.

Choosing the right jewellery

Knowing what you want is essential before you decide to buy your jewellery. Precious jewellery is not only expensive but also a great investment and therefore, you need a well thought out plan before purchasing anything.

The size, the stone, the material needs to be finalized before you start looking for the perfect jewellery for your piercing. If you have a nose or ear piercing, you need to decide on whether you want a stud, ring, cuff, plug, or anything else. The planning will help you in choosing the right design and material from the thousands of available options. Your choice also depends on the type of piercing you have. Different piercings in different parts of the body need different jewellery. Research and find out more about the type of jewellery that will be most comfortable for your piercing.

Ascertaining the jewellery size

Choosing the right jewellery size is a crucial step towards making a satisfying purchase. If you are buying jewellery online, getting the wrong sized jewellery will just be too hassling and complicated. No one wants the disappointment of getting the wrong sized jewellery to sour the happiness of potentially their first piercing.

Jewellery size is generally categorized into two types- gauge and diameter. Gauge is the circumference of your jewellery that will be inserted into your piercing. If the size is too big, you will not be able to insert it through your piercing and if the size is too small, your piercing is going to shrink to the jewellery’s size which might cause a problem with your other jewelleries.

Diameter is the distance of the opposite points of the circumference of the jewellery that will be inserted in your piercing. The diameter needs to be perfectly sized for a smaller one will not reach the other end of your piercing while a bigger one will be bulky and uncomfortable.

You can take the help of a size guide or you can take out your older jewellery and measure it for an accurate size. Daith piercing jewellery in the UK provides an expert size guide for your convenience.

Selecting the material

Picking the right material is what will protect you ear piercing in the long run and keep it safe from infections. Medical experts advise against using any cheap material or artificial jewellery in your piercing, especially in the nose or genital piercings. They are unsafe and can cause major allergies and infections.

If you have newly pierced your earring we, here at BMG Jewellery, advise you to use our Daith jewellery in Titanium. Titanium contains hypoallergenic qualities which will protect your newly pierced body part. They are resilient as well as stylish and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

You can also choose white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold if the piercing has healed. Our huge collection of piercing jewellery also contains a classic and timeless variety of diamond and gemstone jewellery pieces. You can choose your favourite gemstone and enjoy its brilliance and hue.

Daith jewellery for migraines

A migraine is an evil problem that most of us, from all around the world, face. Did you know you can get a particularly placed piercing on your ears that can help you will your regularly occurring migraines? Our effective and efficient range of Daith jewellery for migraines is specially produced to save you from the intensive pain. The entire range is made with hand-made diamonds and precious stones to give you high-quality jewellery at the best price range.

Aftercare for your piercing

It is essential to keep your piercing as well as the jewellery clean to avoid any infections or allergies. Always sterilize the jewellery before you wear them. Keep them in a clean and sterilized place to avoid any accumulation of dust or germs. Make sure to follow these tips and use the advice before you buy Daith jewellery in the UK.