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Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an Engagement Ring

Getting it right and going about it in a romantic way she will appreciate.

Piercing pain or pleasure?

"I have had several customers over the years who physically relax and begin to smile when the needle is inserted. Almost like enjoying a fine wine or well made chocolate."

Tragus and helix studs

The tragus piercing has been popular for over ten years now and took over being the most popular piercing in 2000, this is based on the stats from the Real Piercing Studio UK. During 2002/3 the helix piercing knocked this off the top spot and continues to be more and... [Details]

Nose rings piercing trends

A change in nose piercing styles. In the past the normal place to put a nose stud is in the natural crease of the nose, setting the head of the stud in this visually prominent position. Now we want the piercing much lower to accommodate a small ring.

The Point Of Body Piercing

A good studio should have an experienced piercer on hand, someone with several years of piercing experience and someone who updates their knowledge continuously.

Connoisseurs gemstone choice

The art in body piercing comes from well designed and put together jewellery and particularly from the gemstones being worn in the piercing. As a gemstone lover and collector I find nothing better than sourcing a rare gemstone or getting one cut really well. At BMG jewellery we spend a lot... [Details]

Real Diamond Belly Bars

"The most important part of custom making is a short study of the belly button that it is being made for. Is it deep, shallow, small or large. What is the angle of the piercing"

Making A Diamond Nose Stud

"we are in the unique position to put our knowledge of the nose piercing and how a nose stud fits into practice." 

Alexandrite The Facts

The stones on offer today by BMG jewellery have been prepared and cut to order directly from the mine of origin. It is a very rare thing in today's market to know the actual source and mine from where your stone comes.