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Custom made piercing rings.

Custom made piercing rings. We were approached by a new customer named Alison. She requested a custom made ring for her nipple piercing, made by using gems from her grandmother’s rings. It was handmade because she wanted to use 3 different metals. It was designed by head goldsmith Barnaby King... [Details]

Children's Ear Piercing

Children’s Ear Piercing  It is an exciting time for your child to have their first piercing, it can be nerve racking and sometimes scary to a young child to enter a clinical environment. We pierce children from the age of six years up. Here at Real we specialize in providing... [Details]

Top Ear Piercings

Top Ear Piercings Ear piercing is one of the earliest forms of body modification in history. There are a number of different locations on the ear that you can have pierced, each one unique and eye catching. Ear piercing has never lost its fashion status; we see a range of... [Details]

Quality Custom Made Navel Bars

Quality Custom Made Navel Bars Navel (or belly button) piercing has remained particularly popular since the 1990’s, it is a strong fashion statement, often studios receive an influx of clients just before and during the warmer seasons as it is one of many glamorous ways to show off your body.... [Details]

Skull Body Jewellery

Skull Body Jewellery The History Of Skulls In Art Throughout history the human skull has been portrayed in countless paintings, architectural structures, religious artifacts, film genre, musical pieces, decoration, tattoos, jewellery, and photography. It is safe to say the human skull has continued to have a powerful impact on the... [Details]

BPA Aftercare Solution

BPA Aftercare Solution   The body piercing industry is flooded with different aftercare products that you can purchase  to clean and maintain your fresh new piercing. I have tried and tested many products in my four years of professional piercing. Though the classic homemade sea salt water or bottled saline... [Details]

Top piercings for 2016

Top piercings for 2016 Every year different piercings seem to become the next big trend, so what is popular fashionable this year for 2016?   Smiley Piercing: The smiley (also called the lip fraenulum piercing or scrumper) has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a discreet hidden piercing often... [Details]

Extreme Piercing

Extreme Piercing Mongolian Laughing Boy – The Silly Fakir As a recent employee of The Circus Of Horrors, I have seen the weird and wonderful from behind the scenes, from my colleges hanging from their hair to dwarfs doing unspeakable things with a henry hoover.  It’s safe to say this... [Details]

3D Jewellery Design & Print

"3D Jewellery design and making is being embraced by forward thinking  jewellery production companies as an alternative way to design and produce jewellery. Others reject or even fear this technology, some say it is irrelevant or the end of the jewellery making industry as they know it."

Migraine Piercing The Facts

37% Miracle Cures: From the results so far I have around 37% that I can categorise as a miracle cure and around 15% that I can categorise as no help at all. The rest vary from less frequent, less painful or the pain has moved from one side to another. Usually if this happens the pain is less than before.

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